4 Ways Every Traveler Can Make Money From Their Travels

by Guest Blogger on June 1, 2010 · 28 comments

Obligatory "working on the beach" picture

Obligatory "working on the beach" picture

This is a guest post by Jason Demant. If you want to guest post on Go Backpacking, please read more here.

There are many articles addressing how travelers can make money while traveling, such as consulting from the road, creating niche marketing websites, or even working in a hostel.

This article will not discuss any of those, but will rather focus on ways a traveler can make money from their travels.

#1, A Travel Blog!

They’re easy to start and hard to monetize! (There’s help though.) We’ve all read and seen the success stories — people who started a travel blog originally just for their friends & family and now it’s their full-time job and fully funds their travels. The keys to a successful blog are many, so I’ll boil it down to these three bullets:

  • Save your absolute best content for guest posts, It’s a win-win situation and one of the best ways to gain new traffic.
  • Interview one travel blogger a week and then post the interview to your blog, Ask good questions and learn the keys to their success.
  • Be Generous, Subscribe via RSS and follow as many travel bloggers on Twitter as you can, and then retweet their links and post links to their best articles on your blog.

#2, Sell Your Travel Photos

You’re taking a lot of pictures already, why not see if someone’s willing to pay you a few bucks for your shots? Here are some sites to get you started:

  • iStockPhoto, The most popular choice.
  • Kombu, Their model is different and simple. Every photo sold is $5.00 for you.
  • Shareapic, They pay you based on views to your pictures, rather than sales (they share their ad revenue with you).

#3, Write and Sell Travel Itineraries

You’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge on a particular destination, figured out the best ways to use the city’s public transportation, you know how much things cost, the local customs, found some good restaurants — why not package this information together and sell it for a few bucks?

This is a new way for travelers to make money while traveling, one of which I’m particularly excited about–I created the site. It’s called UnAnchor.com, and it’s a place for writers to create travel itineraries for sale. Help your fellow travelers find the information they need faster, all in one location.

#4, Freelance Travel Writing

Get paid to write about your travels. This is a broad subject, rather than give generic advice, here is a guaranteed way you can make money with travel writing, write something people are already willing to pay for. Here a few good resources to find such articles:

  • Elance, Do a search for “travel writers.”
  • Online Writing Jobs, They seem to simply scrape Craigslist, but it’s still helpful to see the different Craigslist jobs all in one location.
  • Freelancer, A resource for finding freelance writing jobs. New travel writing jobs seem to be posted almost daily.

Have you ever sold a travel photo? Landed a gig as freelance travel writer? Found an even better way to earn money from your travels? Let us know in the comments!


About the author: Jason Demant left his Silicon Valley job in 2009 to see the world and try his hand at the entrepreneurial thing. Are you interested in earning extra money while you travel? Write and then sell travel itineraries on UnAnchor.com. You can catch-up on Jason’s travels at LifeAfterCubes.com and on Twitter @LifeAfterCubes.

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