7 Ways to Be an Ultra-Productive Travel Blogger

by Mark Wiens on February 20, 2012 · 14 comments

How to be a productive travel blogger

How to be a productive travel blogger

Having no permanent home and being faced with countless distractions are part of the lifestyle of working while traveling.

While travel blogging is something I highly enjoy doing, unless I remain dedicated and focused at times, days will fly by and I won’t get anything accomplished.

That’s the reason I have to make steps and strive to be productive as a travel blogger.

These tips don’t only pertain to travel bloggers, but to anyone who wants to be productive while traveling the world.

1. Bring Your Thoughts With You

Not having an internet connection or a power outlet is not an excuse to take a complete break.

As a travel blogger you need to learn to use your time wisely, even without a computer. What happens when you are sitting on a long bus or stuck waiting in a line?

Start thinking and jotting down your ideas.

Before I started blogging, I would think of a great idea, and then forget it completely – and I still don’t remember those ideas because I didn’t write any of them down.

Now I don’t go anywhere without a piece of paper and a pen. I make sure to write down all article ideas I may have throughout the day.

Carrying paper and a pen also allows you to take notes about useful information, like the price of an attraction (taking a quick photo works too).

Write your tasks on paper

See my tasks? Messy and personal!

2. Write Your Tasks on Paper

Every night before I go to sleep, I think about my blogs or other projects and write down the things I need to accomplish the following day. It may be short (if I have something already planned) or long if I have planned for a day of work.

If you don’t want to write down your tasks each day, you may want to write them down for the week, or even for the entire month. I choose daily because it’s  psychologically reassuring to physically check things off a list.

3. Know Yourself

In order to be a productive travel blogger, you need to know yourself and your work habits. It’s important to experiment and take notes about where, when, and how you work the best.

I personally write the best in the morning, after a quick breakfast and a strong cup of black coffee. The reason I don’t sleep late is to take advantage of my writing ability in the morning.

On the other hand, most of the time my thoughts just don’t flow in the evening or at night. But does my productivity go down the drain? Not usually.

Instead, I work on things that don’t take the same portion of my brain to accomplish. I edit travel and food videos or organize my photos for article ideas I wrote down beforehand (see #1).

4. Learn to Say NO (sometimes)

From hostels to meals to random events, as travel bloggers we meet a lot of people. However, if you want to really be a productive blogger, you have to learn to say “no” at times.

You know those articles and tasks that you wrote down on paper in step #2?

This is the real test.

If you haven’t completed your list for the day and you receive an unexpected invite, you may be wise to kindly say no. I’m not saying you should be a party pooper, but it’s important to finish the things on your list (even if it’s only one thing).

As an example, I occasionally write things down on my list that I keep putting off, then I hang out with friends and I realize that that task keeps getting pushed further and further back.

Sometimes I have to force myself to say “no” and sit down to complete it before getting into other activities.

Blogging can be a fantastic way to support your travels, but you have to make sure you stick to your goals.

5. Multitasking

I can’t deny that in general females tend to be more gifted than men in the art of multitasking, but I can say for sure that both males and females are more productive without trying to do twenty things at once.

There’s no easier way to be unproductive than multitasking online.

Social media, YouTube, interesting articles or anything else that catches your attention are great at times, but they should be avoided when really trying to be productive at blogging (of course, being a productive travel blogger is about using social media, but also knowing when to put it on pause and start publishing content – and then using social media).

6. Think and Schedule Ahead

This tip depends upon the style of your travel blog – some people choose to blog daily about their activities, while others write more generic travel articles that aren’t as timely.

Whatever style blog you write, you may want to write and schedule some articles ahead of time (instead of the night before).

We live in a world where plans change without warning and things rarely turn out exactly as expected.

Having a few articles ready to go will help you stay on course and maintain a publishing schedule for a successful travel blog.

Do something else and come back

Do something else and come back

7. If You Aren’t Feeling It, Do Something Different

We’ve all been in the situation before, sitting at the computer typing gibberish words and nothing sounds correct.

If this goes on for longer than a few minutes, it may be time to do some pushups, eat some snacks, listen to music or engage in social media for the time being. I sometimes go for a spicy plate of Thai food and then return to my work.

Switch things up!

We’re all human, and sometimes productivity doesn’t seem to flow. If this is the case, have some fun and enjoy – just make sure to come back and do what you need to do.

Taking steps to being more productive travel bloggers while we travel is a great way to accomplish our dreams and make them a reality!

What other ways do you stay productive while traveling?

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