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David LeeDavid Lee started Go Backpacking in 1998. Today, he’s responsible for managing all of the editorial output.

He also founded Medellin Living and Travel Blog Success, and wrote the Medellin Travel Guide: Insider Advice from an American Expat in Colombia.

David is a founding member of the Professional Travel Bloggers Association, and an active member of the Society of American Travel Writers.


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Jason BatanskyJason Batansky is a 25-year old Entrepreneur and Blogger based out of Philadelphia but in constant motion since his first solo trip abroad in 2007 at age 19. As the founder of Flashpacker Guy and Locationless Living he has most recently  focused his attention writing about travel for other websites.

Outside of his travels, Jason manages a team of four full-time staff running a series of writing services, advertising businesses, and other odds and ends which allows him to travel and live throughout South America, South East Asia, and Europe with his bountiful free time.



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Bungalow Writing - Koh Samui, Thailand

Blog History

Dave’s ‘Round the World Trip

On November 29, 2007, I left the comforts of my home and a well-paying job in the United States for the wide open road with nothing but a 20-pound backpack, an ATM card, and an insatiable wanderlust for discovering new cultures and sharing those experiences in writing, photos, and videos.

I traveled around the world, visiting 22 countries over 20 months.  I was robbed.  I got sick.  I met amazing people.  I felt lonely.  I felt inspired.  I felt frustrated.  I felt free.  It was perfect.

This blog is dedicated to inspiring and motivating others to make their travel dreams come true, whether it be a one week vacation or a 5-year vagabonding odyssey.

Where is Dave Now?

I completed my trip around the world with a 6-month stay in beautiful Medellin, Colombia, where I began a blog about my experiences in the city of the eternal Spring called Medellin Living.

I returned home to Virginia in July 2009 where I continued blogging, and launched Travel Blog Success to teach other show to build a high quality travel blog.

Since then, I continue to split my time between living in Medellin, and exploring more of our world.



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  1. jiunshan says

    Hello, I love your blog and your passion in backpacking!

    If you drop by Malaysia, I may bring you around Malaysian Big City-Kuala Lumpur. ^^

  2. Kathryn says


    I think you posted on Bootsnall a while ago your google “to do” list. I’ve been checking it out every once in a while to help me come up with my own to do list (I leave in 4 months!). I noticed that you are going to make an interactive packing list on flickr. Is this something that you just know how to do or is it something that flickr helps you to make? If so, where did you find it?



  3. Gyte says

    Hey Dave,
    Great web, thanks for the tips as I am starting to save for my big adventure.
    Which countries in eastern europe you planing to visit? If you go to Lithuania and Latvia, poland i can guide you!
    Good Luck!

    • says

      Hi. I have no idea at this point. Whether I even go to Europe or head straight for South America won’t be decided till much later in the year. I do know I want to spend some time in Africa, and am now thinking about a multi-week overland trip along the eastern coast. :)

  4. CMV says

    dave – great site. I’m undertaking a year long trip that will begin with walking the camino de santiago across spain. I came across your site and decided I wanted to do something similar to what you set up. You can check it out . Good traveling!

  5. yihmay says

    hi Dave…

    really admire what you are doing now, too bad that i cant host you while you are in singapore, would really like to listen to your experience and share your tips to travel around the world! keep in touch, good trip!

    • Suzanne says

      Dear Yihmay: Agreed with what Dave said, stick to goal u ‘ll be there! I just back from Vietnam short backpacking trip, hws bout u yo? I am Malaysian who working in Sin. This blog really impressed me,hope it’s still not too late to discover it!My goal, to backpack round the world at least a year, and i will make it happens next following 5 years,Cheers!

  6. says

    Hi Dave,

    I really like your blog – especially the ToDo before leaving list and of course your regular blog entries!

    I’m leaving in 7 Months to go on the road for a year – myabe we meet each other somewhere on this planet – the world can be so small ;)

    Good luck and great adventures


    • says

      Thanks Mark – I’ve enjoyed meeting other bloggers so who knows! I hope to be in Europe or South America by the time you leave. :)

      • says

        Hehhe — that could work – I’ll start in South America… just need to decide exactly where to go and how to get around ;)

        I have a feeling we might just bump into each other – oh well we’ll see :cool:

  7. Kathi and Kris says


    thanks for the comment! We had a great stay in Knysna althought the beaches here in Cape Town are much nicer! Its so hot here and we got terribly sunburned. I quit my internship and now I am unemployed thats life :smile:

    lots of love k&k

  8. Jillian says

    Hi Dave,
    Your blog is an incredible wealth of information! Thank you so much for posting all that you do, my husband and I leave for a similar RTW March 1, 2009 and reading your blog has me anxious to get on the road! We’re starting in central america, so maybe we’ll see you somewhere along the way. Good luck with your journey!

    • says

      Hi Jillian – thanks for reading about my trip – you’re in for an amazing time!!!! I’ve only been in Bogota for 2 nights, but I just have a great feeling about Colombia, and can’t wait to see Medillin and unwind on the empty beaches of the Caribbean coast. Cartegena will be my last stop of the trip. :)

  9. Roger says


    Just got let go from my job – thinking about taking a trip as far around the world as 4-6 weeks will allow me.

    I am inspired by your website and will read through it for ideas.


  10. says

    Hey Roger, sorry to hear about the job loss, but if you have the means to take an extended trip as a result, I say go for it!

    I wish I had been in that position when I lost my first corporate job back in 2002.

    If you have 4-6 weeks, I’d recommend picking a particular region and visiting multiple countries within it. Central or South America, or Southeast Asia would work well.

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