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Why Should You Work With Go Backpacking?

Go Backpacking a multi-author travel magazine with 9 years of experience publishing 2,300 articles from a team of regular writers and guest contributors about the following topics in 100+ countries:

  • International and domestic travel
  • Trip planning
  • Adventure sports and activities
  • Gear and mobile technology reviews
  • Travel blogging and social media

Go Backpacking has a history of collaboration with tourism boards, hotels, resorts, restaurants, tour companies, and local attractions throughout the world.

We have provided media coverage in articles, travel guides and our associated social media accounts in exchange for complimentary experiences, such as accommodations, tours, and dining experiences.


Statistics – May 2015


The statistics below are taken from Google Analytics and Feedburner, unless otherwise noted.

  • Unique Visits:  117,000
  • Pageviews: 352,000
  • RSS & Email Subscribers:  3,900
  • Top Demographics: USA (40%), UK (10%), Canada (9%), Australia (5%)
  • Facebook: 38,000 likes
  • Twitter: 23,500 followers
  • Google Page Rank:  4

Go Backpacking - May 2015




Source = Quantcast

  • 42% of visitors are age 18-34, and 37% are age 35-54
  • 28% of visitors earn $50-100k per year, and 23% earn over $100k
  • 69% of visitors have a college degree



Case Studies


Many of our stories receive a staggering amount of traffic due to strong rankings in search engines.

  • Costa Rican Food – Typical and Traditional Cuisine explains the most popular Costa Rican meals accompanied with photos. Last year, from January – December, 2014, it received 90,000 views. This example highlights our ability to promote local cuisine and restaurants to our readers.
  • Things to Do in Ecuador – Activities and Attractions highlights the top sightseeing activities in the country. Last year, from January – December 2014, it received 87,000 views. This demonstrates our ability to sell a destination to our readers.
  • Travel Guides are comprehensive country travel guides providing advice on restaurants, accommodations, nightlife and other areas of interest to our readers. Last year from January – December, 2014, this page alone received 27,000 views. This example shows how in addition to one-off articles we also publish useful travel guides that target readers directly when they planning or booking their itinerary.
  • How to Book a Last Minute Cruise to the Galapagos Islands is a detailed guide covering Galapagos island cruises. Last year, from January – December, 2014, it received 20,000 views and more than 69 comments. This is a great example of reader engagement.


Press + Social Media Trips


Looking for a trusted travel writer(s) with the ability to leverage an established brand, audience, and presence in social media to promote your business? In addition to myself, our other staff writers have completed FAM trips to Mexico, Panama, California, and other destinations.

To see examples of the coverage we’ve offered , check out the content published from sponsored trips to TurkeyMexico, PatagoniaIndonesia, and Rwanda. To see how we can work together, contact us today.


Reader Testimonials


“…you inspired me to take a year off and travel around the world.” — Jacob

I hadn’t thought a lot about Patagonia before following Dave’s adventures through the region recently. His prose and photos have moved this amazing destination near the top of my travel wish list.” — Matt




All prices below are in USD. Preferred payment is via You can use your PayPal balance, your credit card or your bank account (in some countries). You do not need a PayPal account to make payment via credit card.

If your organization does not use PayPal, then payment can be made via Western Union. International wire transfers are accepted on a very limited basis, with the payor covering any bank fees.


Option #1 – Articles and Product Reviews


Cost: Varies

What You Get:  We offer several approaches to content marketing.

1. (Recommended) Write an advertorial, unique content related to your product, service, or website based on the author’s personal travel experiences.  These posts are much better received by regular readers, and more likely to be shared via social media as well.  Click here for an example.

2. Write an honest review of your product, service, or website. We will test it (or in the case of a website, visit it) and write a review based on our experience.  Click here for an example.

3. Write an informational post about your product, service, or website. In this case, we won’t use the word “review” and the post would be strictly informational.

4. Promote a contest. Click here for an example.

Posts average 400 to 600 words in length, but sometimes run as long as long as 1,000 words depending on the topic.  They will be sent out via RSS and exist permanently in the archives to benefit from search engine traffic. Promotion via social media may cost extra.

Ethics:  We will always include a disclosure for our readers.

To request content marketing, please email jonathan(at) with details.


Option #2 – Premium Banner Sponsorship


Cost: $150 per month

What You Get: Your 728 x 90 banner appears atop every page.

Benefits: Your campaign is placed above the fold on all pages (over 2,000), including the home page.  An above-the-fold banner campaign is a great way to create high exposure for your product, business or website and attract direct traffic.  This banner does not rotate.

Details: You will need to supply your own 728 x 90 banner.  Static banners are preferred. No flash or excessive blinking.  You may change your banner at any time.

To request display advertising, please contact us with the preferred duration.


  1. Rob Folan says


    I hope you’re well and your week has been good so far. My name is Rob and I represent a number of travel companies based in various corners of the world.

    I have come across your site and would like to enquire into providing you with guest posts/sponsored content.

    We would be looking to initially commit to 5 posts and then look to begin/continue a long term relationship. We require 2 links per post, these to be follow links and for them to be live permanently.

    If you could forward me some further information as well as rate per post (for a 5 post deal) that would be great. Also, we would provide you with content (which would be 100% unique and referenced).

    Look forward to hearing from you! Also please note that I am UK based, so reply times from me will be in GMT.


    Rob Folan

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