Sunrise in the Okavango Delta

sunrise in the okavango delta

Spotting wildlife in Africa isn’t always as easy as going on a safari. The best viewing times are often in the early morning at sunrise, and early evening at sunset. In this photo, we’re just getting started with a sunrise game walk in Botswana’s Okavango Delta.

Final Thoughts: South Africa And Botswana

Highlights – meeting up with Warren at the airport wine tasting tour Cape of Good Hope/Cape Point tour District Six Museum and visiting the townships Visiting Robben Island couchsurfing with Hannes for 3 nights couchsurfing with Christal for 5 nights climbing Lion’s Head at sunrise and walking around atop Table Mountain people watching at cafes […]

Day 6, Elephant Encounters At Elephant Sands

  The drive back to Elephant Sands was over familiar territory, and went fairly quickly.  On the way back, I saw a giraffe along the road, and we saw several elephants up close.  A few even crossed the highway in front of us.  Dion stopped the van, and we watched as a giant elephant tried […]

Day 5, Departing The Delta And My Scenic Flight

On our final morning in the Okavango Delta, we set off on a two hour game walk around the same island we walked across the first night. This time, we saw our one and only hippo of the trip. It was alone, and staying well hidden in the water. It should’ve been exciting but it […]

Day 4, The Okavango Delta From Sunrise To Sunset

Dion was all too happy to wake us up at 4:30am for the long, four hour game walk at sunrise, even though the guides had said we would not leave camp until 5:30am. I’m sure they had their reasons, roving hippos being tops on my list. We spent ten minutes in the mokoros to reach […]

Day 3, Mokoro Rides, A Sunset Game Walk, And Delta Camping

Between Kruger Park and my first few mornings in Botswana, I was getting use to the early wake-up calls. The birds were often noisy enough to do the trick. After breaking down the tents, we stuffed our daypacks with the limited personal possessions we wanted to take into the Delta, as the rest would remain […]