Lake Issyk-Kul: A Kyrgyz Summer Holiday Retreat

Lake Issyk-Kul on the North Side

n my first trip to Kyrgyzstan, as soon as the weather started to get a bit warm, the people always talked about escaping to Lake Issyk-Kul, especially in August. I later learned that late July and August brings unbearable 40 degree Celsius heat at times — a heat that isn’t made better by the lack […]

Food in Kyrgyzstan: 5 Delightful Dishes


eople often think I’m joking when I say that I love the food in Kyrgyzstan. Compared to other Asian countries, I find it an absolute joy to not be confronted with dish after dish of seafood, most likely due to the landlocked nature of the country and poor transportation network. Instead, the traditional cuisine bases […]

7 Reasons to Visit Kyrgyzstan


ver dream of wandering through Kyrgyzstan, eating laghman noodles for dinner and drinking kumiz with the nomadic locals while sleeping in a yurt? Most people haven’t. Actually, the predominant response I get when I mention to anyone that I have spent time in the country is the fact that they have never even heard of […]