Photo Favorite: Working Lunch in Tilburg

Here’s a scene writers and bloggers can relate to, a working lunch on the road. I was killing time on my travel laptop, with the soup of the day and hot chocolate, before catching a train from Tilburg to Paris (2008).

Photo Favorite: Soccer in France

It’s no surprise soccer in France is huge, especially after they won the 1998 World Cup. Ten years later, I happened to be in the country again, and took this photo on a visit to Arcachon Bay. In the back right, you can see a hazy image of Europe’s largest sand dune, which we climbed […]

Photo Favorite: Shots of Absinthe

Spending Christmas away from home can be a real bummer, which is why I ended up drinking shots of absinthe with a bunch of guys from my hostel in Brussels one year. I’d tasted the green fairy a few times before, however the experience is a lot cooler when you get the full preparation from […]