Flightfox Review: Save Big Money By Outsourcing Your Flight Searches

by Dave on February 5, 2013 · 3 comments

Results of My Contest - Flights from Tampa to Barcelona via Reykjavík

Results of My Contest – Flights from Tampa to Barcelona via Reykjavík

Out of sheer curiosity, I tried Flightfox last year to help me find the cheapest flights from Tampa Bay to Barcelona, via Reykjavik.

To my great surprise, it saved me over $300 versus having been left to my own devices. I’ve been wanting to write this review ever since.

Like any good traveler, I try to do my due diligence to find cheap flights. Sometimes, I travel to a place simply because it’s super inexpensive to fly there.

For my trip around the world, I used Airtreks to help me get the best deal on the first four flights. They were a life saver, and their help gave me one less thing to think about as I packed up my old life.

Since then, I’ve mostly relied on Kayak and Skyscanner to help me find the cheapest flights, but the best I could come up with for my recent, trans-Atlantic journey was $950.

While I could swallow paying almost a grand in the form of two one way flights, but I knew there had to be a cheaper way to do it.

Enter Flightfox, a site that relies on crowdsourcing to find you the best deals on airfare. That’s right, there are currently 2,000 air travel experts competing to find you the cheapest flight(s) that meet your criteria. The winning expert, in return, is awarded a Finder’s Fee (paid by you) for his/her efforts.

The average savings is 23.7% after more than 6,000 contests.

Simply click the “Get Started” link at the top of the home page, and fill in your trip details. You’ll need to commit to a Finder’s Fee, which can be as low as $24, though the higher it is the more experts you’ll attract.

Click any Flightfox link in this article and save 25% instantly.

Once you’ve submitted your contest, as the inquiries are called, you can start watching the suggestions roll in from the experts. The cool part about this process is that you can correspond with them.

In my case, the absolute cheapest flights could be had for around $510 but they involved longer layovers, which I wanted to avoid. Working together with the travel experts, I was able to have them explore other options, as I sought a balance between cost and comfort.

In the end, the winner I chose had found the flights for a total of $592, tax and airline fees included. This was about $350 less than what I’d found on my own, and made purchasing the flights less stressful.

The expert didn’t save me money on the Tampa Bay to Reykjavik flight, as that was still using Icelandair which I’d found on my own. The money was saved by flying from Reykjavik to London on Iceland Express, and then a discount airline from London to Barcelona.

I didn’t think of using three different airlines, and a London stopover. I’d been stuck on searching for the cheapest direct flights from Reykjavik to Barcelona.

I’d received a discount off the Finder’s Fee, so I paid $25 instead of $50, but either way, it was still well worth it given I saved $300.

Going forward, I’m excited to have Flightfox as the newest tool in my arsenal to save money on flights.

Have you used Flightfox? Share your experience in the Comments below.

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