My Last 2 Weeks in Review

Last Week

I spent the majority of last week at Virginia Crossings Resort just north of Richmond, VA for the start of my 16-day, 6 month leadership training program for work. It felt great to spend time in a different environment, meeting new people and being challenged to step outside of my comfort zone. As relationship building began to occur, I realized I needed to ensure the opportunity to “graduate” with my class. As a result, I’ve decided to give less notice (2-3 weeks, rather than 6 weeks), which means I’ll be able to finish, resign, and only have to work an extra week longer than I initially intended. Of course that week will mean a commute from my parent’s house, however I believe fulfilling my commitment is the right thing to do, and I could then list the accomplishment on my resume. Besides a constant stream of food at the resort, I consumed quite a bit during the following bachelor party weekend in New York City.

This Week

Since arriving back in Arlington Monday afternoon, I’ve watched the work week fly by. Everything is very much in flux with my company (which was acquired by a Fortune 50 organization in 2005) at this time. Senior executives who stayed on the first two years after the acquisition are starting to leave, and the parent company is exerting greater operational influence. All in all, it’s not a bad time to plot an exit strategy.

Speaking of exit strategies, my brother is in Marine training mode for Iraq. We thought he’d be deployed in early July, however I received word this week that it’s likely to be as late as October. I know it’s unavoidable, however I’d much rather see his time spent there during a troop draw down, then this “surge.”

Blog Updates

Based on my survey feedback, I removed the Kontera in-text advertising. I added a new page entitled “Budget” to ensure my financial plan/itinerary (and eventual spending) are easily accessible, as well as my 6-part series on Saving for a Trip Around the World.  Lastly, I’m taking a break from blog design updates as I’m happy with my current setup.


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