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  1. Thanks Manisha. I was very close to hopping on a bus in McLeod Ganj to visit Ladakh, but didn't quite get up there on that trip.

  2. Thanks Matt – I managed to get to all those places in the photos with just 2-3 days. I thought I'd not want to spend much time in the big capital city, but it turned out to be just the opposite. Don't right off the big cities, they have a culture, especially amongst the youth, all their own.

  3. Hi Dave,
    I’ve been to Delhi only once and I was very impressed with this Mughal architecture. The site of Humayun’s tomb was especially beautiful. Thanks for the pictures!

  4. wooooooooooow/////////// what a pictures it is very useful my school projects thank you dave
    ITS SUBERB /////////////////////////

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