7 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick from Street Food


think of myself as a culinary traveler – while some eat for the energy to travel, I travel with a main motivation to eat. Food not only provides energy and is one of the components of life, it also is one of the most essential parts of any culture around the world. Of course, food […]

Dining at the Night Market in Zanzibar


ike many destinations around the world, there’s no better way to get a grip on a culture than through its cuisine. The contribution of local Bantu food mixed with Arab and Persian flavors and Indian spices makes eating one of the most enjoyable things about Zanzibar! Being an island nation, the sea is also the […]

Zanzibar’s Prison Island


hat is now a tiny, beautiful tropical island off the coast of Zanzibar, was once not a pleasant place to be at all. At first, Changuu Island (known more commonly as Prison Island) was the location where slaves were detained and held until they were transported to places in the Middle East or Europe. After […]