Friday Flashback – Couchsurfing Adventures in Cape Town

After a few nights at The Backpack (hostel), I switched over to staying with Hannes, who agreed to host me via Couchsurfing.  I was lucky enough to not only hang out with him a few nights, but to also have the chance to spend a few extra nights with the woman I sat next to […]

Khayelitsha – uMlungu in a Towship

Khayelitsha by Steven Otter

I recently came across A Traveler’s Library, the new blog by award-winning writer Vera Marie Badertscher.  Before I knew it, I was drafting a guest post for her about an insightful book I read in South Africa last year, Khayelitsha – uMlungu in a Township by Steven Otter. Please head on over to Vera’s virtual […]