Patagonia from Jon Duke. Whenever I needed to get up and go, Young Blood by the Naked and the Famous was my go to soundtrack. So it’s only fitting that I cut this little travel compilation to it. My time in Argentina took me from the Atlantic coast all the way to the Andes, the […]

Mountain Reflection

torres del paine national park

Photo of the mountain reflection that await hikers on their way to the French Valley in Torres del Paine National Park.

Surprise Ending on Viedma Glacier

viedma glacier

Spoiler Alert: ¬†Skip this post if you intend to visit Viedma Glacier one day, and don’t want to know the surprise endings that await groups who walk or climb on it. pending a day ice climbing on Viedma Glacier was a dream come true. As our time on the glacier was coming to an end, […]