The Night Before Full Moon Mayhem

by Dave on August 1, 2008 · 8 comments

Beautiful weather on Haad Rin, Kho Phangan

The weather continued to be absolutely gorgeous. The day before the big event was the last day of a beach soccer tournament that I watched very little of.

A cute dog keeps me company during a foot massage

Instead, I opted to use my time more wisely, such as getting a foot massage. As you can see in the above photo, I had some company. The little guy jumped on my lap and made himself comfortable the whole time. When it came time for me to leave, I lateraled him to the girl next to me so he could continue to live the life of luxury as a spa dog.

Day turns to night on Kho Phangan

As sundown arrived, the club/bar/bucket vendor lights turned on. Trance began to boom from the Zoom club like clockwork. I ran into Maura and Laura on the beach and hung out with them for a bit at the Drop In bar. They had befriended a spunky Thai woman from Chiang Mai, a former sex worker, who was here on vacation. She was bisexual and a pretty blonde Swedish girl we had all just met started making out with her in front of me. The funny thing is I think she asked permission from a guy (possibly a boyfriend) also standing nearby.

So Karate Kid

The music at Drop In sucked. Remixes of modern pop hits is not for me, so I left Maura and Laura, and stumbled all over, dancing to trance and drum and bass. Every now and then, the sky would light up with fireworks and traditional Thai lanterns.

A girl stopped me at one point, wanting to paint a heart on my forehead. I allowed it, but then visions of embarrassing artwork entered my mind (like a lot of what I saw painted on guys’ backs). I approached a guy to find out what was there, and he looked mortified, so I didn’t get answer from him. I assumed the worst and used some tissue to wipe the paint.

I stopped back at my bungalow to fully wash it off.


Sunrise on Haad Rin

I don’t know how I managed to stay awake, but I had a cheeseburger at 5am while watching Friends. I returned to my bungalow at sunrise to get my camera and snap a few photos. If I was spending a week on “Sunrise Beach” I couldn’t justify leaving without at least one shot of the sun coming up.

Partygoers at sunrise on Haad Rin

All in all, not a bad way to warm up for one last night of partying (at least on this beach)!

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