Summer Giveaway: Win a Free Flight or iPad 3

Where do you want to go next?
Where do you want to go next?

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Today I’m excited to announce the biggest contest in Go Backpacking history!

We’ve partnered with Skyscanner, the leading European-based flight search website, to offer one lucky reader a $600 USD (387 GBP) credit toward the flight(s) of his/her choice, OR a new iPad 3 (16 GB).

Where would you go if you had an extra $600 (387 GBP) in your pocket?

Take Dad to New York City to catch a Yankees game for his birthday. Send your brother to Las Vegas.

Always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris?  Want to check out the brand spankin’ new Olympic Village in London?

The possibilities are endless.

About Skyscanner

Skyscanner officially launched in 2001, and offers users the unique option of being able to enter the departure city, while leaving the destination blank. This feature is perfect for those people who know they want to take a trip, but can’t decide where to go.

In addition to their easy-to-use website, Skyscanner has also created free travel apps for both iPhones and iPads. These little apps allow you to search millions of flights, across 1,000 airlines, right from your iPad or iPhone. Combined, they’ve got four million downloads, and counting.

If you’re not already familiar with Skyscanner, entering this contest will be a terrific introduction. And we made it as easy as possible. Seriously, if you have 5 minutes to spare, enter this contest right now!

*** This Contest Is Over ***

How to Enter in 5 Easy Steps

Skyscanner search box on the home page

1. In a separate browser tab or window, go to Skyscanner.

2. Pretend you have $600 (387 GBP) to spend. Search for the flight(s) to a destination you’d most like to visit, or a flight you’d like to give as a gift to a family member or friend.

Tip: You can change the default language and currency atop the Skyscanner page.

Tip: Remember, with Skyscanner, you do not need to select a specific destination. Simply enter “everywhere” or leave the destination field blank to get a list of cheap flights departing from your local airport.

Tip: By choosing cheaper flights and destinations, you’ll be able to afford a ticket for a partner, family member, or friend too! Mention who you want to take in your comment/entry.

Skyscanner Search Results

3. When the results are given, click the “Details” link of your preferred flight. A pop-up box will appear.

Flight URL screenshot

4. Click the “link” icon in the upper right corner of the pop-up box, and copy the unique URL for that flight.

5. Using your real name, leave a comment on this blog post with:

  • Destination (ex: Aruba)
  • Why you want to visit (ex: lie on the beach)
  • If you want to use the $600 to buy a flight(s) for someone other than yourself, tell us who (ex: spouse)
  • URL for your flight (ex:

Any comments using keywords for a name will be immediately disqualified and deleted. Please use your real name.

Contest Begins:  8:00 am (EST), Monday, August 6, 2012

Contest Ends:  8:00 pm (EST), Friday, August 17, 2012

*** This Contest Is Over ***

The winner will be chosen at random over the weekend, and announced on Go Backpacking’s Facebook Page Monday, August 20, 2012. His/her email address will be shared with Skyscanner.

Once the winner is announced, he/she can then choose either the flight(s) mentioned in the comment OR the iPad 3.

I’m excited to see all the places $600 can get you.  Good luck!

Terms and Conditions

  1. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older.
  2. One entry per person. No multiple entries allowed.
  3. Commentators must use their real name when leaving a comment. Entries without a real name will be deleted, and disqualified from winning.
  4. Entries after the closing date will be not be considered eligible to win.
  5. The winner will be chosen at random using this WordPress plugin.
  6. The chosen flight (or flights) must be no more than $600 USD (or Euro/GBP equivalent – based on current exchange rates). If the flight(s) go up in price by the end of the competition, the winner can choose alternative dates/flights, up to the value of $600, or choose to pay the remainder.
  7. If the airfare award is chosen, and the winner wants to cover a second or third person with the $600 credit, everyone must fly together to the same destination.
  8. If the airfare award is chosen, the winner is not required to fly. As long as the flights are for a single trip, they can be given to another person as a gift.
  9. By accepting the airfare prize, the winner accepts full and complete responsibility for their own safety and welfare at all times, including familiarizing themselves with visa and other travel requirements.
  10. Any extra activities and costs beyond the specified prize are the responsibility of the winner.
  11. The iPad 3 being offered is the 16 GB, Wi-Fi version.
  12. The prizes are non-transferable and no cash alternative will be given.
  13. The winner is responsible for paying any applicable taxes on the prize.
  14. By entering this prize drawing, entrants will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by the conditions.


Contact Go Backpacking

*** This Contest Is Over ***


  1. says

    Name: Kristen Jacobson

    Destination: Belize

    Why you want to visit: Because I’ve never been, and I want to explore the off the beaten paths there. Where travellers tend not to go. I’d also like to visit my best friend who works there that I haven’t seen in years.

    URL for your flight:

  2. Lewis Witt says

    Destination: Tahoe
    Why you want toi visit: My wife has always wanted to experience horse drawn sledging, Dec is her birthday month and this get away will be my birthday present for a “dream” answered!

  3. says

    Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland
    Why? On January the 5th iIwill start my trip from Reykjavik to Cape Town, overlanding Africa for the next 6 months ( and it would be great to get the ticket to Reykjavik from Flyscanner, to support my trip.

  4. says

    I picked New Orleans as my destination. The tickets were only $283, so I could afford to buy two: one for me and one for my husband. We’ve been married for one year now but never had a honeymoon. I’ve been to a lot of places in the US but not to New Orleans. He’s new to the USA and has only ever been to Minnesota! New Orleans would be a great place for us to see together. Link:

  5. Matt Kim says

    – Destination: Grand Cayman
    – Why I want to visit: wife and I need a relaxing beach vacation (still beachless this summer!) before the baby comes. :-)
    – Use the money to buy flight for both myself and my wife.
    – link:

  6. Lisbeth Frost says

    Destination: Munich, Germany

    I would love to take my husband to Munich for the Oktoberfest this year. We have both been working throughout the summer, and he deserves a few days away with lots of fun, new experiences, and my company :-)

  7. Jim Karlovsky says

    Destination: Grand Cayman Island
    Why I Want to Visit: My Sister and Brother-in-Law just moved there, and this trip would allow me to spend Christmas with them! If fares should go down, I would also take my girlfriend, Rachel Nelson.

  8. Anna Cunningham says

    Destination: England!
    Why: I am graduating from college this year, and my longterm boyfriend and I have been working and going to school full time for a long time. We’ve caught the travel bug, though, and are planning on moving to the UK to work abroad for a year, using our proximity to Europe and the rest of the world to see more of it! Having the money to put towards a flight would be extremely valuable, and would allow us to save more for our initial time abroad before we find jobs.

  9. Rinita Zanzerkia says

    Where: Madrid to start off a Eurotrip through Finland, Denmark, Greece, the UK, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Budapest, and Sweden!
    Why: To see all the friends I had made while volunteering in Peru. There’s no budget to make it happen and I’d really love to be able to see everyone again!

    Thank you for the opportunity to make it possible!!

  10. says

    Destination: Hong Kong
    I never had the experience to have a trip outside my country. I chose Hong Kong because ever since I was a child I wanted to visit Disneyland. It’s one of my childhood dreams. And of course it’s affordable. I got the chance to include my boyfriend too.


  11. Alice Richardson says

    Destination: Washington, D.C.
    Why the visit: My dad’s brother lost his wife to breast cancer last year, and he is far away from most of the family. My dad has wanted to go visit he and my cousin ever since attending the funeral, but flights are always too expensive. I would like to send him to go visit his brother and his nephew for a week.
    Ticket for: My dad.

  12. Mike says

    First of all thanks for the contest. It is vastly appreciated.

    My destination is Costa Rica.
    The trip is for my wife Kim as her birthday falls during the trip date.
    She loves the beach and would really appreciate the time away from her job.
    The URL for this trip from DFW to Costa Rica is

    Safe Travels !!!

  13. says

    Out of my options for under $600 leaving the USA, I picked Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Picked it because 1) I haven’t been there 2) would be affordable short trip 3) I REALLY want to see a baseball game there and 4) to photograph people!

  14. Tim Betts says

    Destination: London

    My friend promised that if I made the trip, he’d spring for tickets to my first football match. And if it gets too cold, I can just catch a quick flight down south. $599 with a buck to spare.

  15. Jillian Cadenas says

    Destination: Paris, France
    Why you want to visit: I will be moving to France and I would love for my sister to be able to come and visit me!
    If you want to use the $600 to buy a flight(s) for someone other than yourself, tell us who: My sister!
    URL for your flight:

  16. Vannessa E. San Juan says

    Destination: Mumbai, India
    Reason: I’d like to visit India so that I’ll be able to see for real the Ajanta and Ellora Caves in Maharastra—one of the many interesting things I had shared with my Art Studies students. I want to touch the sculptures and see the drawings on the wall made by ancient man. If I were to give this trip to another person, it would be my mom who sacrificed a lot for me and my siblings just to get the education that we all had received. :)
    Destination url:

  17. Andrew Bajada says

    Destination: Krakow, Poland
    Reason: I’d love to visit one of the most exciting places in the EU, a place with great history through the years, based on their past rulers and such. Travelling and backpacking is something I wish to do before its too late and this will give me a perfect boost to start off from.
    Ticket for: Myself
    Destination url:

  18. Lidija Radacic says

    I would really LOVE to go to New York. I have never been and keep dreaming about it, my bedroom is full of vintage NYC postcards and I cannot wait to walk its streets, feel its beat and meet its people. I would bring my friend who could make the trip even more magical.

  19. Mary Hines says

    New York I have friend in Manhattan love all the photo’s she puts on only seen her couple of times in over 40 years would love to visit New York and catch up we would have such a great time

  20. Dhrena Mistry says

    Destination: Dallas, Texas, USA

    Why you want to visit: To attend a family wedding in November 2012. My mum’s nephew is getting married and I know she really wants to go.

    If you want to use the $600 to buy a flight(s) for someone other than yourself, tell us who: I would use the $600 to buy flights for my mum and grandmother.

    URL for your flight:

  21. Viviana Almonacid says

    Destination: Delhi, India
    Why?: Because, im from argentina, im in europe now, and my travel would end in India…because is my dream… but in Spain I was robbed and I could not buy the flight, so i back to argentina this month without know india… maybe next year! :)
    Destination url:

  22. Brent Pinheiro says

    Destination: Cairo, egypt
    Reason: i have been fascinated with the egyptian culture since i was a child. to be able to see the pyramids in real life would be a dream come true!


  23. Allan Hunter says

    Destination Kirkwall, Orkney
    Why: My Grandparents were born on Rousay in Orkney. Now they are both too old to travel easily by car and ferry they have given up on going back to visit. It’s been over 18 years since they were last home and they have given up on ever going back. With the money offered, you can just make 2 flights from Edinburgh to Kirkwall. I would love to be able to send them back one last time.
    URL for your flight:

  24. Thomas Struyf says

    Destination: New York
    Reason: My hard working Mom, who never goes on holiday dreams of a city trip to New York City. I want to give her something back after everything she do for us.

  25. Emma Peachey says

    I would book 3 flights to Paris for myself, hubby and son.I would like to take them to Euro disney in October half term for both of their birthdays! As for me, a romantic walk along the river would do it!

  26. Sandrine Andoulsi says

    Destination : Egypt

    Reason : My mum always want to do a trip with my father but he died 9 years ago.
    My mum will have 60 years old in september, i want to offer her this trip without my dad but with her children.


  27. says

    Destination: Reykjavik

    Why: I would like to spend my anniversary lying in the volcanic pools sippin’ on a couple of Brennivíns :)

    Who: My wonderful partner and I who would love to get away from the cheesy gay scene of Southern Europe and be classy for once!

  28. says


    To see that most beutiful city again and taste that unbelieveable life!

    With my good friend who came to the Paris this summer to celebrate my 25-th birthday together.

  29. louise boyd says

    Asturias, Spain
    I’d like to visit one of my best friends who’s moved to Spain indefinetely.
    The flight was only 131 pounds so I would also take another one of our good friends with me.

  30. Emma Stokes says

    Destination: Italy
    Reason: My best friend’s getting married next spring in Italy. I’d use the flights to fly out some of our friends from university who can’t afford to come along as they’re studying post-graduate courses at the moment!

  31. Maria Breen Murphy says

    I would love to go to Tenerife with my best buddy to celebrate her birthday on Oct.9th in memory of one of the best holidays I ever had.
    Love holiday blogs,i love reading about other people’s travels!

  32. Megan Sims says

    Destination: Amsterdam

    For: my little sister and her boyfriend. My little sister has just finished her first gruelling year at Law School and I really want her to have a nice break before christmas exams kick in. A short break away would be just the ticket, as they love the history of the city. She mentioned that it would be the place that she would like to get married.


  33. Amanda says

    Destination: Barcelona
    Reason: To go to and visit my best friend who I haven’t seen in over a year in time for Christmas, and to take 3 special people with me, one of whom has never seen the beautiful city :)

  34. Linda Howard says

    Dalaman Airport then transfer to Marmaris.
    I have used Skyscanner for many years to help me book tickets to Dalaman. My younger daughter and I have made many friends in Marmaris but unfortunately my eldest daughter has never been able to come with us due to her work with Special Needs adults and her severely diabetic husband . I would like the tickets to be used for her to come with us on our holiday in October. If I could afford to pay for her tickets I would but I cant.

    P.S I will pay the £4 difference…lol

  35. Emma Sands says

    Destination: Florence
    My boyfriend and I have been living long distance for a whole year and we really would love to go away together, but we can’t afford it :( We both love Italy and would love to go to Florence and cycle around the area!


  36. says

    Destination: Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Reason: I myself have visited Amsterdam several times, and it is one of my favourite European cities.However, my new wife, Anne-Marie hasn’t. As it is such a cultural city, I would like to show her some of it’s attractions, including The Van Gogh Museum, Concertgebouw, Anne Franck’s house, Rijksmuseum, Canals, Red Light District and as many of the others as we can possibly fit into a week!

    Thank you!

  37. Ray Roderos says

    Destination: Tunis
    Reason: I want to visit my friend and I want to learn more about the history of Carthage
    Ticket for: I would buy it for my girlfriend! (but then we’ll travel together!)

  38. Ieva Pastore says

    Destination: Tallinn
    Reason: I always wanted to visit Tallinn in Christmas time when its full of snow and city is full of markets.
    I would like to visit Tallinn with my boyfriend.

  39. Ed Hallifax says

    Destination – Boston
    Reason – I’ve fallen in love with this city in books and photographs and am desperate to explore it’s history and nightlife! Plus my Dad loves the Redsox and i’d love to be able to pay for part of his flight over :)
    URL –


  40. Christopher Ryder says

    Destination : Jersey

    Why you want to visit : Partner’s first trip “abroad”

    If you want to use the $600 to buy a flight(s) for someone other than yourself, tell us who : Would purchase both tickets for myself and my partner as such a short flight.

    URL for your flight :

  41. says

    Destination : New York
    Reason : To take my 13 year old daughter for her first trip to the USA to show her the sites & the 9/11 memorial, lest we ever forget …
    Thank you :-)

  42. Daniel Conway says

    Destination: Dubai
    I would love to win this flight for my wife so she can visit her brother and new 4 week old Niece living out in dubai. She wont meet her until Christmas otherwise. She would be over the moon to be able to go.

  43. says

    Destination: Germany

    Why you want to visit: To visit my sister and her two beautiful, v.young children (her husband is away in Afgan fighting and she’s lonely without him)

  44. says

    I’ve never been to Spain and want so much to go — to experience the REAL culture and people, not some tourist-y spot. Flying into Alicante would be a dream come true! I’d rent a car and go north, towards the mountains, where I have heard very little, if any, English is spoken! (And take my hubby of course!) I would also love to practice my Spanish, which I’ve not been able to do since I moved to the UK nearly a decade ago! I’d be in pure heaven!

  45. Barkha Mehta says

    Destination – Phuket, Thailand

    Why – It’s been awhile since I traveled as I have been very busy teaching ESL in South Korea. I dream of going to Phuket and taking in all that it has to offer. I really enjoyed reading the travel guide on Go Backpacking by mark Wiens and have followed their twitter account for quite some time. Whenever I read about Thailand I am so intrigued and dream of Phuket. The people, the culture, the history, and of course the beaches. They are all calling to me! I can’t wait to make it a reality. Of course if I was unable to take the trip I would love to send my parents there. They have hardly ever traveled in their life and they deserve to see such beauty!

    URL –

  46. Julian Austin says

    Destination: Bangkok, Thailand
    I would love to spend my Christmas holiday with friends on the beautiful beaches in Thailand. I live and work in South Korea, away from my family back home, and this would be the best gift from Santa!

  47. Derek MacPhail says

    Destination: Malta

    Reason: My wife and I would like to go someplace that is both warmer and sunnier than Scotland in winter….which is pretty much anywhere. We met a couple on recent travels who spent several months in Malta and loved it, so we’d like to go there for ourselves and check it out for a couple of weeks.

  48. Edward Fisher says

    Destination Moscow

    Why? To go and see the hub of somewhere with such historic importance for different reasons over time. To see the places of such current political significance, so close to mainland Europe in some ways and let a million miles away in others. The largest country in the world and one of the most significant. I’d like to explore the city and visit some other smaller citys around Moscow to see a more ‘typical’ Russian life.

  49. says

    I would absolutely LOVE to go to Spain! It would be a dream come true! Flying into Alicante, I would rent a car and head north, towards the mountains, where I have heard that little, or no, English is spoken!
    This way, I could experience the REAL culture and people, not some tourist-y area offering American or British food. :) I’d also get to practice my Spanish that I’ve not had the opportunity to do, since I moved here to the UK, nearly a decade ago.
    Hubby would come with me, of course.

  50. Eshaq Choudhury says

    Destination: Cyprus
    Why you want to visit: Amazing beaches, good exchange rate to GBP in Northen Cyprus and a melting pot of culture. I’ve always wanted to go Cyprus but whenever an opportunity came it went away just as quick.
    If you want to use the $600 to buy a flight(s) for someone other than yourself, tell us who: Myself, my wife and my daughter.
    URL for your flight:

  51. Ken Gibson says

    Destination: Geneva, Switzerland
    I’m getting married in Switzerland in February 2014, but by then my father will not be well enough to make the journey. It would be wonderful to be able to take him out to the spot on the mountain where the ceremony will take place so he can at least see it and feel a part of the day.

  52. Fei Teng says

    Destination: Bangkok
    Why you want to visit: To shop for new clothes for Chinese New Year. I wanted to go with my sister and friends so we have more fun to do shopping together.
    URL for your flight:

  53. Steve Kendrick says

    Destination: Lisbon
    Why: I’d love to give this flight to my mother. In the late seventies, I spent two and a half years as a child growing up near Lisbon. My parents took my sister and me to many wonderful places in and around Lisbon and further afield, Oporto, the Algarve, Sintra. I’d love the opportunity to repay at least some of those wonderful memories.

  54. Bethan Breakwell says

    Destination: Iceland, Reykjavik!
    Reason to visit: My boyfriend has always dreamed of visiting the magical aurora borealis! And i can probably twist his arm while we are there to visit the Blue lagoon spa! What’s a holiday without a bit of pampering? ;)

  55. Azra Dedic says

    Spoilt for choice!
    Destination: Croatia
    For me and my mum!
    Maybe we can finally catch a tan seen as the weather isn’t too great here in England!

  56. Ali Mayers says

    I’d go to Delhi in India. I’ve wanted to train there as a yoga teacher for the last year or so and this would help to make that possible! Fingers crossed…

    Ali Mayers

    ps I know this costs a teeny bit over the £387 but I would cough up the rest myself!

  57. says

    Destination: Madrid
    Reason: To see my long-lost friend of 12 years!! It has been too long, and this trip will also help my future, as I would love to be an interpreter for Spanish and English.

    (I am sorry if this posted twice, not sure if the first one worked..)

  58. says

    Destination: Brisbane -> Melbourne
    Why you want to visit: baby-moon
    My best friend, Jerome, and his girlfriend are going to be welcoming a beautiful baby boy into the world soon and I would love to be able to arrange for their flights for a weekend in Melbourne pre-bubs birth. I think it would be a really special way for them to spend time together before long nights awake with the baby.
    URL for your flight:

  59. Daina Bramberga says

    destination: Lapland
    why: to experience wild winter and New Year with snow, reindeers, northern lights, igloos, huskies together with my friend is my dream you can help to come true. :)

  60. Elizabeth Heib says

    Destination: New York
    Why: It will be my boyfriend and mine’s 5-year anniversary on 12/12/12 and we have dreamt of celebrating it by visiting New York and standing in Times Square underneath the clock at 12:12 – can’t imagine anything more romantic! (Would pay all extra amounts)

  61. Cindy Sutheran says

    I would go to Poland as it is where my Babcia was from. I have been there once before and loved it, although there was no snow to go skiing. I would take my son and hopefully this time we could both attempt to ski for the first time and see a bit more of our families history.

  62. Jasmine Tsang says

    Destination: Glasgow
    Why you want to visit: My boyfriend and I have been long distance for almost 3 years, and with both of us being in school, it’s hard to make either time or money to see each other. Christmas is the best time for it!
    Flight is for: Me!

  63. Stephen McGruer says

    Destination: Glasgow
    Why you want to visit: My girlfriend lives in Canada, and we only get to see each other a few times a year. I would love to bring her here for Christmas
    Flight is for: My girlfriend.

  64. Harry Chambers says

    The destination is Krakow, Poland. I would love to go there because loads of friends have been before and say it is great. Furthermore, I would like to visit the concentration camp at Auschwitz as well as soak up some of the culture of this ancient city. I would like to take my 2 brothers with me on this trip.

    Flight URL:

  65. David Castaño says

    Destination: New York City, US

    Why: i know that is prob the most popular one but i wanna go to NY with my bestfriend, we are from Colombia and we have never been abroad but we really really want to. We would stay in NY for around a week or 2 and we would do some of the many things to do in NYC (and look for college oportunities) and for my 21st birthday (feb the 5th) we would go to vegas to have the time of our lifes. we are already saving money for that (not easy haha) and it would be Amazing if we get the flights.

    Who: My bestfriend and i.


  66. James John Montgomery says

    Destination: Almeria, Spain

    Why: A close relative has been pestering me for a few weeks about looking up prices to the south of Spain. Now I can enter this competition and give him the information he wants :)


  67. Bart says

    Destination: Amsterdam (one way)
    Why: Next year, I am going on a bicycle trip through Europe. It will be a massive undertaking, but a great challenge! My destination is Thessaloniki in Greece. From there, I would love to fly back to Amsterdam (I’m from the Netherlands) using this ticket! It costs $553 at the moment of writing, so I hope I can use the rest (and a few bucks of my own) to buy some extra baggage space for my bike :)

  68. Ian Lane says

    I’d love to fly out to San Francisco and take a several day hiking tour of Yosemite Park, I’ve never made it been on the Western half of the US and it is my dream to visit the amazing parks beyond the rockies. I’d give anything for the opportunity to hike and explore on the west coast, thanks for the chance to make it a reality!

  69. Ed says

    Destination: Berlin
    Why: I’ve heard so many great things about this city from friends and people i’ve met travelling all about the sights, bars and general amazing atmosphere. Wouldn’t mind trying a few of the local beers either.
    Who: I’m just finishing my doctorate so i’d love to take myself and four mates there who’ve supported me all the way through it, for a memorable few days away!

  70. JoAnne Baldwin says

    Destination: Cusco, Peru
    Why: Complete the Inca Trail, spend time with friends from college, embark on an adventure with them complete with challenges and a victory…to see Machu Picchu at sunrise!

  71. Elizabeth Marsh says

    Destination Sri Lanka
    Why you want to visit: I’ve always been fascinated by Sri Lanka and would love to see how the country is recovering after the defeat of the Tamil Tigers. It looks like it’s an underrated country which is rebuilding itself.

    URL for your flight :

  72. says

    Destination: Berlin
    Why I want to visit: Berlin is the city of arts, music and culture and I am a creative entrepreneur who plays cello and piano. I also paint and teach sewing and music so I would love the opportunity to be inspired to create greater art.

    URL for flight:
    I HOPE I WIN!!!

  73. says

    Destination – Aruba (funny I know because you used it as an example) I’d like to buy the flight for my parents because we just won a trip to Aruba for 4 nights that I hope to send them on. It doesn’t include the flight so this would be awesome to send them to Aruba for 4 nights including the flight. They’ve been so supportive of Dave and I. They let us stay at their place every time we go back to Canada. It would be great to give them a treat and pamper them for a change.
    Here is the link. Why is mine so long compared to everyone else?

  74. Colleen Cole says

    Why you want to visit:
    I have never been there and think it would be really, really cool to check it out! And, I would buy the ticket for me…and then cough up another $570 for the flight from Toronto to
    Reykjavik so my hubby could join me in exploring the country!
    URL for your flight:
    Which lead to:

  75. Liz Koch says

    Bogota to visit my boyfriend who can’t get a tourist visa to come to the USA and visit me!

    Also, I love that it’s a SkyScanner comp- I’ve been using them for a few years now, love them!

  76. Freddy How says

    Destination: Singapore
    Actually is for my friend Esther Wong from Macau as she wants to visit me in Singapore, but she always doesn’t have enough funds to come here as the airticket is expensive for her. She wanted to visit me this December during her holiday period as she have Macau SAR Day as well as Christmas Day public holiday, so I hope I can get her an airticket to visit me at least, she can stay in my house if she wants to :p.

  77. says

    Hi Dave!!

    I chose Europe because I need to finally go abroad and start living out my incredible but stagnant wanderlust! More specifically, I chose Barcelona, Spain for a couple reasons. When my very Italian grandma was alive, she told me Spain was her favorite and always told me to visit there, even before Italy. It is also one of the cities priced the closest to the $600. My plan would be to travel within Europe once I’m there!

  78. says

    Destination: Ann Arbor, Michigan
    Why I want to visit: I want to surprise my boyfriend. We lived, worked, and traveled together all over Asia for 27 months, and now we are apart for the time being. I’d love to be able to visit him and his family while he gets his grad school applications in order. I can even visit twice with the price listed!
    URL for the flight:

  79. says

    Destination: Rome
    My mother has had an infatuation with Italy for as long as I can remember. She daydreams about living out her days there after my sisters and I move out. In the meantime, I’d like to get her a trip out there to experience it for just a little while anyway. She’s also done a lot for my sisters and I and this would be the most I could do for her right now as I’m just a college student.

  80. Victoria Benstead-Hume says

    Destination: India (departing from Thailand)

    Why I want to visit: my husband and I are off on a year long cycling trip round asia but to get to India (which we both desperately want to do) requires a flight… or some serious pedalling!

  81. Eimear Ni Bhriain says

    Destination: Rome
    Why: Because love everything about Italy….very very often my mind wanders and I daydream about living there …oh no, I’ve done it again!! I’d bring my boyfriend for my birthday ….

  82. Michael Tiscia says

    Destination: Turkey (Istanbul)
    Why: Because I have read so many great things about Turkey and the warmth and hospitality of Turkish people. If I won, I would use the ticket and take a 15 day small group tour to explore the whole country. While my ticket would be a little over $600, I would happily make up the difference to have an opportunity to travel there.

  83. Audrey Des Alliers says

    Destination: Hawaii/Maui
    Why: It’s been a while since we’ve traveled and we would like to take a trip for our 5 year anniversary! Hawaii is our no 1 destination so far because it mixes great weather, great beaches with fun activities such as volcano hikes, scuba diving, snorkeling or even just sightseeing the beautiful landscapes. I would obviously bring my boyfriend!

  84. Sanders McNair says

    Destination: Hungary
    Why?: I want to go see where my grandparents are originally from and explore the food culture of Hungary which I’ve come to love. I know it’s over $600, but I think it’ll be worth it


  85. says

    GREAT CONTEST. Ever since I lived in Scotland in 2003 and first learned of Skyscanner, I have been a huge fan!

    Destination: St. Maarten (from Nashville, $595)
    Why: The husband and I are dying to take a tall ship cruise through the Caribbean islands and do a little diving.
    Who I’d Take: Me! (What can I say? When it comes to travel, I’m selfish.)

  86. Olivia-Petra Coman says

    Destination: Scotland
    Reason for visiting: It is my favourite country in the world and I want my boyfriend to be able to experience its breathtaking scenery, too.
    I want to use the $600 for my boyfriend, Marcel Bancila

  87. Pawe? Sikorski says

    Destination: Stambul
    Why: to see natural border between Europe and Asia – Bosfor, to cross it and see how beautifull is Haghia Sophia in the Sunset light.

  88. Jennifer Nickerson says

    Destination: New York
    Reason for visiting: I’m saying goodbye to my 20’s this year and my best friend is working in New York. It’d make my birthday so much more special if I could turn 30 in NY and spend it with my best bud.

  89. says

    Destination: Bogota, Colombia

    Why: I am an aspiring travel writer who is quitting my job to backpack indefinitely. I would like to start in Colombia because I’ve never been to South America and I believe that Colombia is a place that a lot of people are curious about, now that it has become a safe place to travel to.


  90. Sarah Forbes-Robertson says

    Destination: Kyiv, Ukraine
    Why: I think it’s the most romantic city in the world – I’d like to take my lovely boyfriend (who’s never been), for my birthday, because I’m retraining as a teacher, and have NO money, so no chance of a holiday for ages!

  91. Wendy Lewis says

    •Its the most wonderful city – no cars, beautiful buildings, wonderful art and history, fantastic food and wine, unequalled atmosphere, dancing in St Marks Square when the sun goes down, taking the locals gondola to the market at Rialto, cocktails, gelato – I could go on!
    •I would go with my husband – we have been twice before but would happily go every year if we could.

  92. Nicki says

    * New York

    * To finally take that unique trip with my mum and sister, as we haven’t lived together for over 7 years and as they are both mums, I feel they deserve it.

    * I would go with my mum and sister.

  93. Nirmal Patel says

    Destination: Honolulu, Hawaii

    I want to use the $600 to buy a flight for my mom and dad. They have planned going to Hawaii several times. Unfortunately, due to circumstances, they have had to cancel their trip everytime. They definitely deserve the vacation and Hawaii’s relaxed environment would be the perfect vacation spot. –

  94. Jorge Villa Sánchez says

    Destination – New York

    Why you want to visit – It’s been a dream i’ve had since i was a little kid! i’d love to see the empire state building

    URL for your flight –

  95. Luzilita Larraquel says

    Destination: Boracay ( Philippines)

    Reason: Our country is blessed with the best beaches in the world and Boracay is one of those. Going with my Mom will really make her so happy as she has not been there and it’s also a bonding time for us.

  96. Gwen Campbell says

    I’d choose Jamaica. From where I live (Florida) the costs are fairly cheap and it would let me bring myself + 2 other people with me. I would bring my 2 roommates, who I’ve spent the last 3 fabulous years of my life with, and who I am leaving (and leaving Florida) for new adventures come December. :( A ‘roomie’ trip would be a fabulous way to rock out the end of our time together!
    URL for the flight:

  97. Heleen van Nistelrooij says

    Destination: Portugal
    Why you want to visit: summer in The Netherlands (where I reside at the moment) is terrible! We’ve had nothing but rain and it’s leaving me and the people around me feeling kind of depressed…. So… I would take my sister to the beatiful beaches of Portugal to soak up the sun. Recharge before winter starts! We need sun!
    URL for your flight:

  98. Caroll Dearden says

    Destination: Barcelona
    Why you want to visit: I went with the kids so would like to go back with my husband to have a proper look around and view the magnificent buildings, oh and hit the shops as well for a bit of retail therapy but don’t tell the husband!

    URL for your flight:

  99. Monica Y. says

    Destination: Paris, France
    I have wanted to go to Paris since I was 15 years old. I took three years of French in high school and feel in love with the language and culture. It’s one of my dream vacations. I would love to purchase a ticket for myself. Going from Phoenix, to France is VERY pricey but I would definitely settle for a trip for two to Las Vegas, it’s a quick flight and who doesn’t LOVE a weekend getaway in Vegas?

  100. Varushichev Mikhail says

    Destination: Reykjavik, Iceland
    The most exciting and relaxing place I do expect to. The most amazing nature. I like Icelandian music too and really want to hear it’s classical and electronic music in life.
    So I used to travel with my best friend.

  101. says

    Destination: Cape Town
    Why you want to visit: I need to take my family to this beautiful place, so we can explore Robin isand, climb the beautiful Table mountain and to lie on the beach without a worry in the world.

  102. Kim Willing says

    Malta would be our destination as we’d love to go back there again, since we went 3 years ago. We bought a holiday apartment week out there but haven’t been able to afford to go back yet as the flights have always been so expensive.

    I’d love to take my husband as it will soon be our 30th Wedding Anniversary as this would make it really special.


  103. Roberto Sperindè says

    Destination : Sofia

    I would like to visit Sofia, Bulgaria, a so little known eastern Country of Europe but reach in history and past. Sofia one of the oldest city in Europe,one of the new capital of the continent, proud city, fascinating city…I hope to be there

  104. says

    Destination is Turkey
    I heard that this place is beautiful and there are many sights I would like to see… Butterfly Valley, The Blue Lagoon, The Faerie Chimneys. Plus I’m planning a backpacking trip around the world so this would be a great kick off!! Or I could realy use the Ipad… Hmmm guess I’ll have to flip a coin when I win :)

  105. Michelle Hudak says

    Destination: New Orleans, LA

    Why: My son is a teacher in New Orleans and my husband and I haven’t seen him in 2 years. It would be wonderful to surprise him with a visit and check out all that NOLA has to offer. I’d love to see the French Quarter, visit the old cemeteries and I want to take one of those swamp rides.

  106. Mel D. says

    Destination: Calgary, Canada
    Why you want to visit: Well, I’ve never really been to such an outdoorsy place before. I don’t mind going during the winter since I’ve never seen snow before.

  107. Lemmi says

    Destinaton: Vienna
    Why: Would love to visit Vienna’s famous cafes and walk around the city with my sister! And to eat the famous Sacher torte! :)
    Who: With my family! I have never been to Vienna!

  108. Katy Brown says

    Destination: Istanbul

    Why? Two continents in one weekend, a climate that’s at least a couple of degrees warmer than the British winter, out-of-this-world nightlife, and above all a guaranteed blast of a time with my best friend and travel buddy Carrie.

  109. says

    Hi I am 25 year old Kailey Lockhart.

    Destination: Bermuda
    For whom: My mother and I (Flights are $340/person, I will pay the difference)
    Why: So my mom and I can get lost in the Bermuda Triangle together and adventure our way out side by side. My mother’s in better shape than I am, so she might be in front!

  110. John Evans says

    Destination: Zurich, Switzerland
    Why you want to visit: For my wife as she’s been so good looking after our 15 month son and deserves a wonderful holiday with her best friend who moved to Switzerland and they haven’t seen each other for ages.
    URL for your flight:

  111. Kimberly Coleman says

    Destination: Puerto Rico
    Why: As a single mother of a 3 year old I will probably never afford to pay for a flight and hotel for two. Especially to somewhere like Puerto Rico. This trip would Defintely make things easier for me to take my son if I win. I would love to show him that mommy can take him somewhere outside of home.

  112. kate goodheart says

    I would put the cash towards a flight for my daughter to Sydney to save her some money as she starts her studies there in March. She has used a similar Singapore Airlines flight and really liked it, good breaks in the flight, good transfer at Chaingi and arriving in the early evening helps to offset the jetlag.

  113. Adelyn Yap says

    Destination: Marrakech, Morocco

    I’d kill two birds with one stone so would love to send my parents off to Marrakech for their 35th wedding anniversary and my dad’s 60th birthday. They have never visited the African continent and this would be the perfect opportunity to soak up the culture. And what a celebration that would be!


  114. says

    Since visiting Italy last year, I would love to go to Bologna with my husband and visit nearby resorts, ie. Florence, Venice. I have friends who live in Bologna, who would take us sight-seeing. I really did fall in love with Italy when visiting Rome and the Amalfi Coast.

  115. says

    I work in the city of Edinburgh, Indiana U.S.A.. The town is ugly, cheap, and nothing attractive:(( I would like to see REAL Edinburgh, which is supposed to be beautiful, cultural, and very attractive. Thank you!!

  116. says

    I always wanted to see Lisbon and now my husband will be there after winning this game, so I’d like to join him :)

    or I would love to give my mum the flight-ticket to Kyev, to visit her relatives in Ukraine, whom she hadn’t visited for maybe 30 years. It would be a great b-day gift for her!

  117. Samantha Mackie says

    Destination: Barcelona

    I’d love to go back to Barcelona, it’s an absolute dream destination for architecture, art, culture, food and shopping. And strolling through the streets at twilight is wonderful to see the city come alive! I’d buy another flight for my mum and I’d even buy her a hot chocolate (Catalonian Hot Chocolate is the best in the world!) and maybe even a Xuixo.

  118. Lisa Roberts says

    * Reykjavik, Iceland

    * I first visited Iceland back in 2008, and quickly fell in love with everything the country had to offer. Upon learning about how Silfra, the rift that divides the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, I knew I’d have to go back someday to dive there. A week after returning, I enrolled in diving classes. I was certified shortly after, but have yet to make it back to Iceland. It’s time I finally return to experience my dream dive!

    * While this trip is (somewhat selfishly!) for me, at less than $600 per ticket, I could afford to purchase an extra seat for my extremely patient and understanding boyfriend. A budding photographer, I’m guessing he’d find plenty of stunning scenes to capture while I plunge into the icy waters of Þingvallavatn Lake.


  119. Zoe Bloor says

    Destination: Wilmington, South Carolina

    I’d love to go to my friend Scotts wedding next year. I don’t have much annual leave left so would have to go for a long weekend. I would be heart broken to miss it. We have know each other since for 14 years in fact since we we were 14 and him and his two sisters are like family to me.

  120. Sang Jeon says

    Destination: Santorini (Thira)

    Why you want to visit: We haven’t had enough sun this year in the UK. I would like to escape from the rains and lie on a sandy beach for a week. :)

    If you want to use the $600 to buy a flight(s) for someone other than yourself, tell us who: Husband

    URL for your flight (

  121. Douglas Law says

    •Destination (Budapest, Hungary)
    •Why you want to visit (Experience Sziget festival)
    •I want to use the $600 to buy flights for myself, and my girlfriend to go to budapest, as we missed the festival this year as we couldn’t afford it. Its an amazing week in an amazing city.
    •URL for your flight (ex:

  122. Carly Niven says

    Destination: Egypt

    Who would go: My boyfriend and I

    Why: I really want to surprise my boyfriend with a birthday trip to Egypt. To relax, explore, see one of the wonders of the world and have an unforgettable holiday.

  123. Audrey says

    Destination: Dominican Republic

    Who would go: My boyfriend and I

    Why: My boyfriend lives in New York and I in London, we don’t see each other that often. He is graduating in November and it also happens to be my birthday. We said we would indulge in a holiday in the Caribbean to celebrate

  124. Brenda says

    Destination: Vieques, Puerto Rico

    Who would go: Me!

    Why: When I was in college I went to Puerto Rico for spring break, and I fell in love with Vieques. It’s a quiet island and there aren’t a ton of people there, so it’s a great place to lie on an uncrowded beach and just get away.

  125. susie walwyn says

    Martinique in the French West Indies

    Why: My sister lives there

    Glorious kite surfing. Beautiful sandy long beaches. Delicious spicy french food. Exciting music to dance to. Good rum drinks, long & short. A beautiful island. Mountains to walk up. Island of flowers & sun

  126. Alison Matalanis says

    Destination: Quebec City, Quebec Canada
    Why you want to visit: beautiful city with awesome food
    If you want to use the $600 to buy a flight(s) for someone other than yourself: Flight is for me! :)
    URL for your flight:

  127. Hsi May says

    Reykjavik Iceland
    Why you want to visit :
    Hope it will become a reality for me to visit Iceland and witness the Northern Lights which the solar activity will peak between 2012 – 2013. This is my dream to witness both ice and fire in this beautiful land. One of the things to do before i die, to visit the Arctic and see icebergs floating with my own eyes. Dear Universe please send me there!

    URL for your flight :

  128. Robert Angst says

    Destination London
    Why you want to visit: Always wanted to go. Would visit for a couple of days then rent a car and drive up to Scotland, then back to London.
    If you want to use the $600 to buy a flight(s) for someone other than yourself, tell us who: Spouse

  129. Piero Radogna says

    Destination: L’Avana, Cuba

    Always wanted to visit Cuba, with it’s history and reality and, why not, beaches and bars!

  130. siddhartha barua says

    Destination:Buenos Aires,ARGENTINA
    Why you want to visit: •I want to use the $600 to buy flights for myself, I want to meet my girlfriend over there so I can prove If you love somebody from bottom of heart no matter what you can go for extra mile in your life for her/him. Yes long distance relationship is very hard to maintain but love wins at the the end.So it will be my ultimate journey of lifetime.

  131. Zena Chui says

    Destination: New York
    Why you want to visit: My boyfriend and I are venturing to Canada from the UK for the first time ever for a family wedding, which is using most of our savings! As part of this amazing trip we would love to fly to New York from Toronto to see family I haven’t seen since a small child and get the chance to meet my baby second cousin. Plus we live in ‘York, UK’ (think history – vikings, romans, cathedrals, tourists) would be great to see ‘New York, USA’ and how polar opposites they are!!
    $600 would easily pay for return flights for me and my wonderful boyfriend!
    URL for your flight:

  132. Muhammad Karim says

    Destination: South Africa
    Why you want to visit: I haven’t seen my family i thre years since coming to the UK because the price of the ticket is too high… I’d love to go back and spend time with them again :)
    URL for your flight:

  133. Chiara Caminiti says

    Destination: India
    Why you want to visit: Because i want discover Indian culture and of course every day more my self…and i thing india is a best place for a true and intense trip =D

    URL for your flight:

  134. says

    I would love to surprise my husnand and take him to the place of his birth! While he and I are both fit enough to travel and enjoy the experince. It would be an ace surprise as he would not know where we would go on from Humberside to…

  135. Grace Cartwright says

    Destination: Berlin

    It is a city that can offer so much culture at the time when I want to go (before Christmas, for the markets!). Also I was born on the eve of the fall of the wall and would love to visit some of the historical sites – plus it is supposedly one of the best party cities in Europe.

    I would take both of my parents as a way to say thank you for a lot of financial support throughout my studying.

  136. Zofia Kotowska says

    Destination: Amman
    I really really want to see Petra. I is my long time dream. But at this moment it is unreachable for me. I’ve just bought ticket to Bangkok for next year and I’m saving money for my first Asia trip. But short trip to Petra would be so nice. I wish I could go there and if I have had chance visit Israel and see Dead Sea also…

  137. says

    Destination: Las Vegas
    Why you want to visit: Vegas seems like an iconic destination, one I’ve never seen and with only 108 days left in the US it may be my last opportunity (at least for now)
    Who: A two passenger flight for both my loving wife and I.
    URL for your flight:

  138. Joe Griffiths says

    Destination: Tel Aviv, Israel

    Why you want to visit: to visit the Holy Land – the epicentre of civilisation, to soak up the culture, to follow in the foot steps of history, and then to relax on the beach and enjoy the Mediterranean sea.

    URL for your flight:

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