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Things to Know Before Going to Kuwait

Kuwait City

Kuwait City skyline (photo: Francisco Anzola)

Are you planning to visit or move to Kuwait soon? This tiny country in the Middle East has its own unique culture, which you'll want to become familiar with before applying for a Kuwait online visa and starting your journey.

Here are some of the things to know before making your trip to Kuwait, from the style of dress to the history and speed of document processing.

Traditional Style of Dress

Kuwaiti women are sometimes seen wearing western-style clothes. Although they choose their clothes from the more modest styles, most of them usually wear the latest designs, regardless of the local weather.

However, the traditional Kuwaiti way of dress, including the thob (long dress), is still being used, especially during major festivals.

When Kuwaiti women are in public, you'll always find them with an aba (black garment covering most of their body).

A burqa, (short black veil covering the full face) is commonly worn by Bedouin women.

Modest clothing is common in Kuwait, and especially as worn by women because such clothing is respectful and demonstrates a sense of self-respect.

Clothing Tips for Foreigners

If you're a visitor in Kuwait, there's no specific way you're required to dress. But, for men, it's best to avoid showing off your bare thighs.

If you want to earn respect as a woman, avoid showing off cleavage. Skirts and shorts that are high above the knee are rare among Kuwaiti women.

Though most women in Kuwait wear veils, you don’t have to cover your face if you are an immigrant or just visiting.

Kuwaiti History

Kuwait is a country with a tumultuous history.

The name “Kuwait” comes from a little gulf located along the coast. This was where several tribes migrated from the Arabian Desert.

However, the place was raided by pirates for several years, which became a significant hindrance to economic development.

It was only when the Britons took over from the pirates that trade started to develop.

Document Processing in Kuwait

The process for legalizing Kuwaiti documents is not dissimilar to the experience in other countries. However, you'll want to pay close attention to detail.

If, for instance, you want to legalize your education documents in the country, you need to provide certification of your highest level of education attained.

For you to be allowed to enter Kuwait, you also need to make sure that you have an updated visa, including all necessary supporting documents.

The Slow Life

When you visit Kuwait, you may notice how life moves slowly. This is especially true if you have issues with official paperwork and the bureau.

If you have something that needs to be stamped on time, make sure you begin the process as early as possible.


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