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Rwanda Trip 2010

“While in Rwanda, they posted a combined 448 tweets that were visible to more than 1.5 million people, and the entire week’s Twitter activity made over 45 million Twitter impressions.”   

— Mashable,  Top 5 Innovative Ways PR Pros Are Using Social Media

Blog Posts

The following posts are tied to David Lee's social media (press) trip to Rwanda from March 19-29, 2010.

They are listed in chronological order, starting with the announcement of the trip in February.

Real-Time Updates

A steady stream of real-time updates was provided during the trip via Twitter at #Rwandatrip

Reactions on Twitter

  • Your posts have shed new light on Rwanda (by @LandLopers)
  • #FF @LunaticAtLarge @rtwdave @adventuregirl b/c their tweets about Rwanda r moving it far up my to-go list (and making me very jealous)! (by @KatieHammel)
  • Plus @rtwdave and @adventuregirl who are in Rwanda right now- amazing, amazing, amazing tweets. (by @TravelingAnna)
  • So cool! Loved reading your Rwanda tweets, can't wait to see the pix! (@thenotoriousmeg)
  • Really enjoying the #rwandatrip tweets from @rtwdave @lonelyplanetmag & @lunaticatlarge (by @KimMance)
  • Enjoying following @rtwdave on his #rwandatrip My parents saw the gorillas in Rwanda in 1994. Changed them forever. (by @LuxeTiffany)
  • Dave, great photos and videos of Gorillas from Rwanda. Thanks for sharing. Welcome home. (by @TwoBackpackers)

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