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Final Thoughts: Indonesia

Gili Trawangan

I am leaving Indonesia a changed person. I can feel it, though you may not be able to see it on here. I'm less naive, more assertive, a slightly better negotiator (with still a long way to go), and more in touch with my emotions, which often felt amplified.

It feels bittersweet to be leaving Bali. The hectic pace of life seems to have a rhythm all it's own, and one you can learn to appreciate if you give yourself the time here.

Highlights –

  • low cost of living (finally!)
  • frequent massage and spa treatments
  • shopping (Volcom, Billabong, Ubud art market)
  • Bali Zoo
  • lunch overlooking two volcanoes
  • drinking with Gary and Chris under a tarp in the pouring rain at Kuta Food Court
  • the first night on Gili Trawangan
  • hanging out with Linus, Jessica, Laura, Tim and Ashlyn
  • walking around Gili Trawangan with Jessica and Laura on our last day
  • walking on the beach from Kuta to Seminyak (and back) with Laura during a sunset
  • listening to the live band at Joe's Place in Kuta
  • eating Bali's best suckling pig (a la Anthony Bourdain)
  • feeding the monkeys in Ubud

Rice paddies

Discoveries –

  • I drink more frequently when the beer is cheap (duh!)
  • board shorts (w/o underwear) are far more comfortable than shorts in tropical heat
  • lots of trash washes up on the beaches (of Kuta and Gili T) during the rainy season
  • it's OK to make mistakes while traveling, and they often turn into good stories you can laugh about, so keep things in perspective
  • when you click with people, make the most of their company, because all good things come to an end
  • I can dance like no one is watching (on stage at Bounty)

# of Nights Couchsurfing –


Eating –

Bintang beer, Nasi Goreng Ayam (fried rice w/chicken and egg), toast, scrambled eggs, pineapple, banana, Bintang beer, tons of tea, Pringles, seafood (prawns, crab, tuna), and Bintang beer.

Average Daily Budget –


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Sunday 17th of August 2008

Hey Dave great post. It's a shame that out of all of the discoveries that you listed the only one that really really caught my eye was the one about the beer being cheap. lol I appreciate all of your insight and your budget travel advice for visiting Indonesia. I'm looking to visit London next year for a whole month, any advice.


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