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Gumtree Welcomes You to Australia

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach (photo: David Lee)

The plan was just to go to Florida.

I would go to Lake Worth, near West Palm Beach, to visit my brother for Thanksgiving, just a quick four-day jaunt before heading back to Bogotá.

Oh, how quickly that changed.

My mom convinced me to continue to Hawaii, and then a good friend from Brisbane, Australia, after deciding to fly to Hawaii to visit me, has talked me into going to his country with him.

I've never been there. I know he'll show me a lot of great places, but I decided to do some preliminary research and stumbled upon Gumtree, a classifieds website that can help you find almost anything you need to enjoy Australia.

I was already thinking about hiring a campervan so that I can see the vast areas of Western Australia. I mean, what would a trip to Australia be without seeing the outback? I imagine it would be like going to Hawaii but never leaving Waikiki.

Gumtree has dozens of options for me.

I could make a short trip, just to get a peek at nature. Or I could make a long trip, and go all the way to Perth.

Thanks to Gumtree, all I need to worry about is packing the essentials, the sleeping bag and blankets, the snacks and drinks, the toilet paper.

It's a vacation made easy.

But there might be another decision to make, something friends have warned me about, friends from Australia or people who know it well.

What beaches do I want to see along that vast eastern coastline? I don't want to see only the outback after all.

Well, Gumtree can help with that too.

I had read a lot about Bondi Beach before, and sure enough, Gumtree has a page that covers everything from fashion and lifestyle choices to places to stay.

The latter is most important because I think I might want to spend at least a week at Bondi.

I also found a page for The Whitsundays, Queensland, another place I'd like to spend some time.

I'll probably have enough time only for Whitehaven and maybe another island or two of the 74, but that's better than nothing. And having Gumtree makes the planning so much easier.

So now I have only one thing left to figure out: finding a plane ticket for a good price. Now excuse me while I go surf the web for that.


This post was brought to you by Gumtree. 

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Tuesday 7th of April 2015

Gumtree is pretty good. I use it a fair bit here in Aus and even used it when I was in the UK. Certainly always be careful of scams though. It's a great way to get cheap concert tickets.

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