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Day 10 – Tips for Happy Feet

Day 10: Saturday, May 21, 2005

7:57 am

Foot lessons learned:

  • wear thin liner socks
  • invest in new socks, they're just as worth is as the shoes or boots
  • bring foot/baby powder and Tinactin
  • take advantage of time and breaks to take off socks/shoes
  • think of where blisters are expected to form, decide whether your next purchase (shoes, sandals, etc.) will be an improvement, or make things worse (i.e. compound foot problems)

9:30 am

Paid (Visa) ~ $22 for pair of OP adventure sandals, and think pair Nike socks, not sure if they're meant to be a liner

  • Paid (Visa) ~ $44 for Jacamar 3pm volcano hike and time in Tabacon hotsprings
  • Paid (US cash) ~ $20 for jeep/boat/jeep transport to Montaverde
  • Paid (Visa) ~ $150 for 3-hour spa treatment (facial, pedicure, massage)
  • Paid (Visa) ~ $17 for 6 cocktails at hot spring (2 for 1 happy hour)

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