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Day 14 – Surfing at Santa Theresa Beach in Costa Rica

Day 14: Wednesday, May 25, 2005

6:50 am

I'm up, and have already taken a stroll on the beach.  There was only one surfer out.  I'm powering myself up with Oreo cookies.  Lesson at 8 am, may spend the rest of the say surfing, who knows.  I decided to take my chances and not buy a $35 surf shirt I know I'd almost never use it again.  Still, I plan not to wear a t-shirt and it doesn't take long to burn out here.  That's why I'm glad the lessons are in the morning.

Last night I talked with a 20 year old local by the name of Gregory for a bit.  Had arroz con pollo at a local Tico Soda (restaurant frequented by Costa Ricans).  The food was good, moderately priced – $5 for dinner and a beer.  I also bought a 6-pack, which was probably too much.  Whatever I don't drink, I'll just leave behind.

5/23/05, paid $25 for guided tour of Monteverde (Visa) (+ entrance fee)
, paid $34 for two souvenirs and roll of film (Visa)

3:34 pm

I have a headache, and sunburn, and I'm chafing pretty badly between my legs.  The headache is from surfing. About an hour ago, I hit my head against the front of a rental board.  I was trying to surf at the wrong time.  In the wrong place.  I learned this the hard way.  The tide was high (coming in) and the waves were breaking on the shore. I was getting pummeled.  I was on my board for one, when it dipped down, and the wave came over me, I just remember knocking my head, then being flipped around.  It was scary.  I got up, checked for blood (none) and saw a good chunk of the board had broken off.  I got myself together and headed back.  I spoke with an Australian for a bit.  He mentioned the board doesn't typically break that way, and showed me where it had been previously fixed.  He suggested that I don't pay any money if asked.  At Pacifica surf school (literally next door to my cabina), they said they'd charge me $40, a $10 discount since I took a lesson earlier in the day. Juan, the instructor said he thought I was going later in the afternoon.  He looked remorseful that he hadn't said or advised me something at the time I was renting the board about 20 minutes earlier.  At any rate, $40 seemed fair since they'll have to fix the board and I was just glad to get showered and back into shorts. It was in the shower I realize how red and sunburned I was, back/shoulders in particular. My face feels red and burnt too.  I read a bit by the ocean, and took a Tylenol for the headache.  It's not helping, nor is the fact that I'm probably dehydrated and have overexposed myself to the sun.  Luckily the sun is starting to go down.  The waves are choppy, and most all of the surfers are out of the water.  I am going to try and relax.  I'm not even touching those 6 beers I bought.  I doubt I'll take them to Montezuma either.  I don't care enough, and my bag is full as it is. The sun can really tire you out.

Before the surf debacle, I had lunch with Elizabeth, and Austrian girl who I met earlier as she was on her second day of surf lessons.  She's also staying at the same cabinas, Zenaida's.  Based on the surfing, it looks like we're right at the prime surf spot at Santa Theresa.  Nice.

Tomorrow is Montezuma.  About 2-2.5 hours travel time I suppose.  I should probably take a nap.

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