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Day 17 – An Unexpected Date Night and Returning to San Jose

Day 17: Saturday, May 28, 2005

5:25 pm

I've lost total track and concept of my budget.  I think I'm done though.  I wrapped up my souvenir shopping and ate early dinner, paid for hotel.  All that's left is the shuttle in AM, and snacks/meals at airports until I get home.

Home, I've been thinking about how I'm not ready to go back, yet I look forward to the apartment pool being open, driving, seeing co-workers and family.  I've been by no means homesick at any point.  I have to catch up from yesterday's entry.

After the rope swing, I would've gone out and jumped off the 20 ft high tree extending over the pool, however a local jumped from the second waterfall, about 30ft high. Tourists started going, then I took the plunge.  It was high, and it felt kind of hard when I hit, however it was an awesome rush.  Definitely the right way to end my trip.  It was a rush that easily compared with skydiving.  I went off a second time, and had Mark take a digital pic to e-mail me.  He got me just about to jump.  I'll have to use my memory to remember the view from the pool up to the top of the falls.  Amazing.  Afterwards, we followed Armando down an easier route to town, using the path of the local canopy tour. Along the way, Armando pointed out woodpeckers, howler monkeys, and a baby snake that crossed the road.   It was a little bigger than an average earthworm, and he said slightly poisonous. Again, I didn't have my camera, no pics of snakes this time around.

I got back to my cabina just in time to shower, and get a massage on the porch.  It was nice, birds chirping , monkeys howling, waves crashing.  After the massage, I got dinner at El Sano Banano again.  I had the shrimp bisque (great) and tuna steak with tropical fruit sauce (on mashed potatoes).  It was pretty good, I ate about half only though.  I had a cappuccino with Irish cream too.  With tip, it was like $25.  Paid by Mr. Visa.  Before the movie Ray began, I started talking with an older (30's or 40's) blonde American woman, Robin. She had lived in Costa Rica previously, working as a massage therapist. She was flirting pretty heavily, or she's just one of those super friendly touchy feeling kind of girls.  At any rate, I thought it might be going somewhere, however I didn't try too hard, I could've bought her drinks, complimented her, invited her to check the view from my place after the movie.  She had asked me where I was staying and told me where she was.  So after the movie, I went to Chico's Bar and Restaurant.  There was a big crowd of locals and tourists.  I saw a lot of the guys and girls I was at the falls with earlier.  I ran into Chris, Iris, Mark and another Canadian, Miriam.  I hung out with them much of the night.  It sort of felt like a frat party, however again, I stayed in the moment and enjoyed it for what it was.  Drank a few Imperials, enjoyed the music (salsa, meringue?), and watched a dance off (battle) between a local and a tourist.  Watched amazing lightning storm from the back patio (overlooking the water and beach).  Around 1 am, I crashed.

Up around 7 am, I got huevos rancheros at El Sano Banano (sooo good) and Cafe con leche.  I got the $35 shuttle to the ferry to San Jose.  Total travel time was like 5.5 hours, at least it was air conditioned most of the way.  I ran into Andy and Sonia on the shuttle, so that was nice to see them again.  I saw Chris, Mark and Miriam on the ferry back to Puntarenas.

Once back in San Jose, I booked a night as Pangea Hostel (got the same room), set up a shuttle to the airport at 6:45 am ($12), and went to the Latin art gallery I stopped in my first day in San Jose. I ended up paying $95 for a small original painting by a female Costa Rican artist.  I bought 3 Cuban cigars, 2 for Father's day, 1 for myself.  I bought two more bags of coffee and 2 handmade soaps, and that's in addition to the 2 bags of Monteverde coffee, wooden box, volcanic mask and 2 wooden pens.

Now I just have to figure out how to divvy it up?

  • 1 small wooden turtle, David
  • 4 bags of coffee, David, Anne V., Mateo, parents)
  • 1 painting, David
  • 1 volcanic mask, David
  • 2 soap, Julie, Belinda
  • 2 pens, Adrienne, Joe
  • 1 wooden box, Mom
  • 3 Cuban cigars, 1 David, 2 Dad

Additional things bought for me along the way:

  • flip-flips
  • adventure sandals
  • Italia Puma t-shirt

I ate an early dinner at McDonald's.  I had to wait 2-3 minutes, however the burgers was piping hot and so good.  Best I've had in awhile.  I'm back at the hostel, writing, watching Backdraft in Spanish, and drinking an Imperial.  It's time to reflect on the past 2.5 weeks –  the adventures, people, experiences, thoughts, meditation, and whatever comes up.

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