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Day 18 – San Jose to Washington, DC – The Adventure Comes Full Circle

Day 18: Sunday, May 29, 2005

10:48 am

Last night I met Michael, a 25-year old Swiss guy bunking in my room.  I noticed he was traveling with a skateboard.  We ended up hanging out together that night, went to a local soda (the one I first went to lunch at in San Jose) to watch the national final futbol match, Alujelas (red/black) vs. ________ (light blue).  Red & black one 1-0 with a goal in the last minute of the game. That was good because I didn't see anyone cheering for the other team.  I mentioned he should check out the 30ft waterfall in Montezuma and he said he once before jumped from a 60ft cliff in Switzerland. From that height, I'd be too worried about bodily injury.  This morning I noticed a bruise and some pain on the inner side of my left bicep.  No doubt it was from the waterfall. Considering I didn't pay any attention to form and was probably flailing around, I was lucky.

This morning I got to the airport at 7 am to found out my 9:15 am flight was delayed.  It took three hours in line just to get my new ticket.  My new flight boards at 12 pm, same 1.5 hour layover in TX, however the second leg boards around 6:30 pm (leaves at 7 pm). With 1-2 hours time zone change, I'll be getting home much later. Glad I left a day's buffer between the trip and work.  I'll have to take a cab home too, instead of the metro which will probably be closed.

I got more souvenirs ($30 worth, Visa) at the airport, and brunch ($10 Visa).  I have to spend ¢3000.  I could use a nap on the flight too.  I finished my Buddhism book in time this morning.  Such a wonderful text. Surprisingly, while I feel I could keep traveling easily, I'm not sad to go home.  I know I said I wanted to stay, however I think my practice/training is at work, I'm not clinging to the vacation, I'm staying present, enjoying each moment of life, not dwelling in the past, or jumping ahead to the future.

2:06 pm

We're cruising at 34,000ft now. The audio for the movie isn't working; however I'm digging the jazz channel they have.  The clouds outside are quite spectacular.  The baby behind me has stopped crying.  I'm sipping OJ. We're supposed to arrive at the Dallas/Fort Worth gate at 6:15 pm, which leaves me 30 minutes to board my connecting flight to DC.  I hope to get of the plane ahead of most people (good part about boarding last, zip through customs (if I get checked there) and hop on the DC flight.  I'm probably carrying more weight in souvenirs than belongings by now.  I went a little overboard.  The sunburn on my back still itches a bit.

Reflections, things I forgot, marginalia:

  • The one sentence in the guide book about not throwing toilet paper in the toilet should be big and bold!  I look forward to chucking the dirty stuff where it belongs, down the toilet!
  • I made better connections (or just different/deeper) with guys (Wes, Stefan, Michael) more so than the girls (Alice, Isanfre, Julie).
  • I challenged myself in many ways – taking the trip, overcoming anxieties (biking alone, health concerns ), physical activities, snorkeling, hiking, cliff jumping, talking to new people (introducing myself when the desire arose), staying in the present mind as much as possible, letting go of people and places after I establish a level of comfort.
  • I was myself the whole time.
  • I took pics of many people this time, with little sense of embarrassment.
  • I advanced my spiritual practice.
  • I was generous in offerings to the local poor/homeless and charity organizations, though when pressured, I was confident and adamant about saying no.
  • I did not over-indulge in alcohol consumption (though in re-reading my journal it might come across that way).
  • I maintained balance between activities and relaxation, and social and alone time.
  • I grew to appreciate Costa Ricans and their country, environment, hospitality and kindness.
  • I became a fan of Bossa Nova.
  • I realized surfing is very different from snowboarding, and the waves require respect.
eyes dry
sun is shining
one love
10:06 pm

I watched the final sunset of my trip flying east, home.  I'm turning out the overhead light to relax, and prepare for our descent and landing at ReaganNationalAirport.  A short metro or taxi ride from home.

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