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Day 2 – Poas Volcano

Day 2: Friday, May 13, 2005

7:25 am

Plan for today, Saturday, Sunday:

  • 7:30am breakfast at hostel
  • 8:30am bus to Poas Volcano
  • 4:30pm back from volcano
  • bank
  • dinner
  • relax

Saturday 5/14 ~ 6:30am full day rafting ($90)

  • dinner
  • relax

Sunday 5/15 6 am or 10 am, bus to Cahuita (4 hrs)


I've lost track of my spending today, paid for 2 more nights at Pangea ~ ¢8000 or $16, lots of bottled water, little snacks, banana, enchilada, pizza, coconut cappuccino.  Overall, probably about $25 including reduced tour fee on Poas volcano (¢2000).  Need to get $100 to pay for the whitewater rafting I've signed up for tomorrow.  It was so easy to book through the hostel!  That's why I did.  Should be fun!

The Poas volcano is cool.  Saw the crater, met up with a guy from Portland, OR named Wes, and we hiked for an hour or so. Talked a lot, it's been fun, more fun than going solo the whole time.  Simply by asking if he could use some company. So much to learn from others.  Day 2 has been great.

I'm awaiting the 2:30 pm bus back to San Jose.  The buses are comfortable.  Nice crews. Some of the roads are quiet narrow steep, and no rails.  Not that a rail would stop a bus from careening down the hill.  Better not to think about it or look down.  I've been drinking much more water today, getting myself to eat more.  It's helped. I still am not 100%, however I do feel better than I did yesterday.  I'll have another early night tonight, this time no cervezas.  Hopefully I'll be well rested for the river and rapids tomorrow.  I haven't been rafting since West Virginia 5-6 years ago. That was fun .  The temperature, weather and sun seem to fluctuate a lot here. Clouds and mist roll up and over the forests and mountains.  There are tons of flowers.  Lush vegetation.  I'm tired.  We hit about 8,000 feet after the hike up from the crater to a lake nearby. When I get home, I'm committing myself to try and go without TV for a week.  After I watch the shows I taped, of course. No TV, movies or internet at home.  It'll be a good experience for me, I know. I'll read more.  Hopefully meditate more. Exercise more.  Cook more?

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