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Day 8 – Morning Musings in Puerto Viejo

Day 8: Thursday, May 19, 2005

8:45 am

I was supposed to have the second half of my surf lesson today, 7 am, Cesar hasn't shown up yet. The waves are less existent than yesterday.  I'm trying to decide what to do today.  I could stay another night and get an early start tomorrow, 7 am bus to San Jose, then 3.5 hour bus to Quepos.  If I catch a bus now, 11 am, I'd probably spend the night in San Jose, which doesn't sound too appealing.  What would I do today in Puerto Viejo is the question.  Definitely feel a little better after some rest and sleep last night.  I'd want to get a big lunch. Maybe there'd be live music tonight.  Decisions.  I don't think I have the energy to get on a bus yet.  I have to psyche myself up that tomorrow is a travel day.

It's amazing how little desire I have to do anything.  Sleep would be night.  A bed. Horizontal.  Cloudy so far this morning. Sea is like a lake, no waves.  I think I will stay another night then take the 7 am bus Friday to San Jose, and the ? bus to Quepos. Today, I can rest, read some more, practice/meditate, get some new flip flops, and be more social tonight.  Time keeps on ticking into the future.  My feet hurt.  Blisters, blisters.  I'm hungry. Need food.  Need to return bike and shirt and ask for some money back from Cesar.  Pay for another night here.  Rest, relax, breathe, release, let go, let be. Definitely need new flip flops.  And to get some smaller bills (colones).  9 am in the fucking morning each day…the last. Forgot which song that's from.  I need to catch up on my music listening.  Perhaps inspire me, energize me, relax me, or who knows.

Did I mention Chris the British guy on a RTW trip? 11 months he's been gone. He said he's felt a bit weary, tired of the travel.  I suppose it can become routine after so long. Hard to keep getting excited about travel to new places.  I remember getting woken up in a hostel in Europe with ” time to shit, shower and shave!”?

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