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Three Little Birds

It's been a week since I started this blog, and I'm increasingly keen on the idea.

I've been keeping written journals for the past five years or so, and have put my three travel journals online at

I continue to customize this site, and I'm sure I'll find new ways to tweak the look, feel and functionality until I leave.

Today's updates include site stats and breadcrumb navigation.

The US Men's National soccer team beat Denmark today, 3-1, in the first international match since the first-round defeat in the 2006 World Cup.

I keep remembering that I'll likely be in the vicinity of China for the 2008 Olympics. Soccer would be tops on my list of events, especially if I could score tickets to a US match.

I'll get to posting a pic of myself, however, for now, I snapped this birdie outside my apartment window this afternoon.

It reminded me of Three Little Birds by Bob Marley, which is my go-to stress-relieving song.

Bob Marley's Legend has been in my car's CD changer for the past two years straight.

I'll begin posting more about myself as well, given we've got a lot of time to shoot the breeze before the adventure begins! 


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Saturday 20th of January 2007

Nice bird buddy! :P


Sunday 21st of January 2007

Nice bird buddy! :P

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