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Would You Accept A Free Trip To Colombia?



I'm not going to get all sentimental on you, at least not for long. By now you know how I feel about Colombia, and Medellin in particular.  Since arriving back in Virginia four weeks ago, I can't help but compare everything here to what I left behind – the climate, the geography, the people, the pace of life, the music, the nightlife, my gym.

So imagine my surprise when I am contacted with an offer to  go on a fully paid 2-week trip back to Colombia the day after my 33rd birthday, September 26.  The purpose would be to tour the country's best sights and blog about it.  Seriously?  I couldn't make this kind of an offer up if I tried!  And there is more I'm not quite ready to share yet as I'm awaiting the details, but let's just say if you liked my $25 giveaway, you'll LOVE what is coming next!

This opportunity reminds me of a post I wrote back in 2007, Would You Accept A Sponsored Trip Around the World, about the Travel Channel's then new show – 1,001 Things To See Before You Die.

Looking back at the comments on that post, both from myself and guys who've really blown up in the online travel world the last few years – Mike of Vagabondish, Ian MacKenzie of Brave New Traveler, and Dan at Voyagner, it is ironic to find myself actually in the situation we were debating before my RTW trip!

In case you were wondering whether I'd accept a sponsored RTW trip, here's what I thought back in April 2007:

What would I do, you ask? I'd like to think, deep down, that I would have the strength to decline the offer, in favor of doing it myself. Now, after the first RTW trip is completed, all bets are off!

At this time, I can honestly say I feel completely congruent by accepting the opportunity before me.  And I look forward to sharing every exciting aspect of it with you!

Would you accept a sponsored trip to Colombia?

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Saturday 14th of May 2011

yes i would love to go for sponsored trip but what do i ve to do next for it??? please e-mail [email protected]

Gerald Harris

Wednesday 11th of May 2011

Just completed a RTW trip which included stays in Bogota, Cartagena and Barranquilla for the Carnival in early March. Made lots of iphone notes when I had downtime at airports but never thought of blogging apart from Facebooking friends. I am a photographer so I tend to tell my stories via pictures.

Free trip...? Where do I sign? (huh, as if)


Wednesday 11th of May 2011

Hola Gerald, congrats on your big trip, though if you get the chance to come back to Colombia, be sure to give Medellin a few nights. It's a wonderful city.

You might be surprised to find that photography plays a big role in travel blogging these days. There are more than a few photography bloggers, in addition to travel bloggers who take their photography (or videomaking) seriously.

Brady Stump

Saturday 16th of April 2011

Enjoyed the blog post!

Angela Henderson

Friday 11th of March 2011

I would leave first thing in the morning


Tuesday 8th of March 2011

YES definitely! backpacking in South America is on the bucket list.


Tuesday 8th of March 2011

Amanda - which South American country do you want to see most?

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