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4 Quintessential Things to Do in England

The National Gallery in London (photo: Elliott Brown)

The National Gallery in London (photo: Elliott Brown)

England is one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world. It has some of the best attractions and activities with a rich culture, amazing historic monuments, and well-preserved tourist sites.

The museums in England contain the world's most precious treasures. English theaters host some of the world's greatest artists, performing in musical concerts and classical plays.

With hotels and various types of tourist accommodation available to fit almost all budgets, you're assured a pleasant stay any time you visit this great country. Here are four quintessential things to do when you visit England.

Go to the National Gallery

The National Gallery is home to one of the greatest art collections in the world and it is the one of the most visited art museums in the U.K.

It has over 2,300 paintings which have been carefully preserved since the mid-13th century up to the 20th century.

In this museum, you'll see great works by Van Gogh, Renoir, Gainsborough, Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli.

You'll also enjoy the special audio-visual programs, guided tours, and special holiday events arranged for all members of the family. All these are available for free for 361 days a year.

Victoria and Albert Museum (photo: Bill Smith)

Victoria and Albert Museum (photo: Bill Smith)

Visit the Victoria and Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum is the world's most prestigious museums of decorative art and design.

It houses over 4.5 million collections that represent over 3,000 years of man's creative ability.

It was named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and it has been open to the public since 1852.

In this museum, you'll see galleries containing great treasures from the Medieval era and the British Galleries that illustrate British history through her rich art and design.

Admission to V&A is free throughout the year but several paid exhibitions and events are also hosted in the museum.

Chelsea's Eden Hazard on the attack (photo: Ben Sutherland)

Chelsea's Eden Hazard on the attack (photo: Ben Sutherland)

Watch a Premier League Game

While you're in England, make sure you watch a Premier League football match.

This is the birth place of Premier League football and almost all the football clubs playing in the league have a very rich history. Some clubs have played in the Premier division for nearly 100 years.

You'll be amazed at the fanatical football fans who wear their favorite team's jerseys and cheer their teams vigorously from the beginning of each game till the blast of the last whistle.

Check here to get tickets to watch great matches involving England's most popular premiership clubs such as Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City, Liverpool, Everton and Tottenham.

Enjoy Great Music at the Brick Lane Music Hall

No trip to England will be complete without a visit to one of the classical theaters or musical performances.

Brick Lane Music Hall is a beautiful venue that hosts great shows including comedies, plays, and concerts, that will entertain people of all ages.

Attend one of the live performances here to get a taste of the real Spirit of England.

The staff at Brick Lane Music Hall are very courteous and friendly, they serve good food, and the memories of the exceptional environment will linger in your mind for a long time.

These are just a few of the things you should do when you visit England. Although there are so many other unique attractions in this country, doing the things highlighted above will start you off on the right foot.


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Friday 31st of July 2015

England is one of my dream destinations. Would love to experience it quintessentially. Thanks for these suggestions!


Monday 10th of August 2015

Yes England should be high on your bucket list Renuka! Definitely worth a visit. I've got a top 25 in case you're interested:

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