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5 Reasons Why I Travel

Mike over at Vagabondish has tagged me to share five reasons why I travel.

While on the surface, the question seems easy enough for us in the travel sphere to answer, it did cause me to pause for a little self-reflection. Here's what came to mind:

1. Freedom and Independence

Just the way the States' founding fathers intended, long term travel allows me to fully experience life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I first felt the complete sense of freedom backpacking could entail when my friends decided to leave Europe early after about ten days, and I stayed for another five weeks traveling solo.

2. Mr. Extrovert

I'm an introvert by nature, though when I'm on the road, I'm more naturally outgoing.

It's probably a matter of subconscious social survival – either speak up or face a lonely, less fun trip!

So I'll approach women on the beach, in a bar, or hostel, and I'll suggest social options with more authority than I might otherwise at home.

It's a wonderful feeling to step outside my usual social bounds.

3. New Cultures

I'm proud to be from New York, and the USA, however, I'm also proud of my desire to get out of my home country and see it from new perspectives.

In addition to looking back at my home from abroad, I love learning about how others live.

So far, the majority of my time traveling has been spent in Western Europe, and only more recently have I experienced less industrialized cultures (in Central America).

4. Foreign Food

I grew up a stubbornly picky eater. For example, I hadn't tried Thai food until my last night in Europe when I was 21.

It was another few years before I discovered the delicious taste of shrimp.

And the first time I ate fish off the bone was in Belize just last year (age 29).

Since I started to enjoy cooking for myself (and others), I'm seeking out more exotic foods, such as sushi, and the bone marrow I tasted in NYC last month.

The world is my oyster (yes, I've tried them too!).

PS – for Anthony Bourdain fans, I fully intend to suck down a beating cobra heart in Vietnam this time next year.

5. Logistics and Planning

Part of my enjoyment of travel comes before I even step out of my apartment door. I relish the time it takes to plan a trip.

As you may imagine, I'm getting a BIG kick out of the logistical aspects of planning my 'round the world trip.

There you have it, my five reasons why I travel. Did I blow you away with my profound insights?

If not, maybe tagging Bangkok Ali, Jas from Through the Lenses, or Nina from will give way to such deep thoughts.

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Benny Rothgaber

Sunday 1st of January 2012

I believe this site has some very excellent info for everyone :D.

Eliseo Skura

Friday 29th of October 2010

Tim duoc blog nay may qua. Cam on ban nhieu nha.


Wednesday 25th of April 2007

It seems cruel and senseless to eat a beating cobra's heart just for the 'Fear Factor' thrill factor... or blog fodder.. but I guess that's just me.


Monday 23rd of April 2007

PS - for Anthony Bourdain fans, I fully intend to suck down a beating cobra heart in Vietnam this time next year.

Dave, can you please assure us that you'll dedicate an entire post to this? I'm absolutely doing the same when I arrive in SE Asia!

I'd actually planned on blogging about things that I wouldn't eat because I really couldn't think of anything. Then I was watching Culture Shock with Shinaz on The Travel Channel and there was a church/temple somewhere in which a holy man was eating curdled milk alongside rats who were "relieving themselves" in the same milk bowl. And I thought to myself, "Yup, I think that's where I draw the line." Anything you know of that you absolutely could not stomach?

Thanks for the write-up! We share a lot of the same reasons, but it's given me plenty to think about.


Monday 23rd of April 2007

Mike - of course I'd dedicate a whole post to such an event. I have to admit, you sound a lot more adventurous than me. I can think of plenty of things I have no desire to eat - crickets, ants, tarantulas, dog, worms, and testicles come to mind immediately. Have you seen the stuff they eat on Fear Factor - soo gross.

I've definetly been inspired to expand my horizons through some of the TV shows I've seen over the past few years. Andrew Zimmerman's current show called Bizarre Foods takes this topic to a new level. Andrew Zimmerman actually ate a beating FROG heart in one of the episodes. Asia is sure to be an adventure!

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