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6 Reasons To Pack Light

 Packed up in Raglan, New Zealand

It's one thing to say you'll pack light, and another to actually manage it once traveling.  Just in case you need a few reminders why it pays to pack lighter….

1.  Ease of movement – less physical/mental stress when you're on the move.

2.  Less stuff means you're better able to account for what you do have (before leaving that bus terminal/hostel/couchsurf/etc).

3.  It's easier to pack up in a dark hostel room at 5am for that early bus/ferry/flight without waking up the whole room.

4.  You'll garner compliments and envy from the 99% of people with more stuff than you.

5.  You can take your pack as carry-on luggage for flights – negating any concern about misdirected/lost luggage during air travel.

6.  Leaving home with the bare minimum means you leave room to carry food or souvenirs without breaking your back (and spirit).

If I truly wanted to go superlight, I think I could drop down to just a medium size daypack, however I'm not *that* hardcore.  Happy Packing!

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