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Cultural Highlights of Rio de Janeiro

View from Corcovado

View from Corcovado

Rio de Janeiro has something so different from other cities. It attracts travelers from all over the world, and makes them never want to leave.

There are many reasons for this. It’s called the Wonderful City for a reason!

The best thing you can do before arriving is to buy a Rio Guide, which can make it easier to explore the highlights of the city.

View from Sugar Loaf

View from Sugar Loaf

Morning Views from Sugar Loaf Mountain

Of course you have to wake up early to visit the famous Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio, and it’s the best advice I can give you.

When you reach the top of the cliff early in the morning, you will see the city in a unique light. Your first view of Rio will be special, thanks to Sugar Loaf.

When you visit Rio de Janeiro for the first time, you know what you have seen from TV or what others told you; but soon you will discover one of its wonders that will be in your heart forever: its people.

All I can say would be little to describe the richness of their culture and their way of living life to the fullest every day.

Just walking through Ipanema or Copacabana you will notice the healthy and relaxed atmosphere around you.

Muscled Cariocas playing beach volleyball, women with tiny bikinis and sun tanned skin…

If you want to feel like a real Brazilian, put on a pair of Havaianas, swimwear and go to the beach, buy a delicious “abacaxi” (natural pineapple) juice and enjoy the moment!

Landscape from Favela Rosinha

Landscape from Favela Rosinha

Eating Like a Local

Besides its healthy way of life, there is another thing you have to try before you leave Rio: picanha.

This dish is a succulent cut of meat that is served with rice and vegetables. You can taste it in their restaurants called Rodizio.

Once you sit at a table, you can eat all you want. Waiters offer you different types of meat and you can choose if you prefer one kind of cut or another.

When evening falls, there’s nothing more rewarding than going to the top of one of Ipanema’s little mountains and enjoying the most beautiful sunset. What more could you ask for?

Learning to Samba

Now is the time to discover another piece of Brazilian culture: samba! Are you ready?

The first time you try to dance Samba, you won’t be able to do it. It’s impossible! So, the best way to learn it is from Brazilians who meet every weekend at “escolas de samba”.

Samba Schools are located near favela neighborhoods where Cariocas rehearse their dances for Carnival. You will enjoy non-stop dancing for hours, and the Brazilians will help you learn how to do it!

It’s the perfect way to immerse yourself in Brazilian culture and tradition. Your movement doesn't look like theirs at all, but it's so fun!

Hang Gliding experience

Hang Gliding experience

Hang Gliding from Sao Conrado

After a perfect night, you should sleep deeply because you can’t leave Rio de Janeiro without trying one of the most exciting experiences: hang-gliding from Sao Conrado.

You will feel like a bird and will see the most stunning views of the entire city from the air.

When it’s time to leave the city, remember that the famous Rio de Janeiro statue is looking down on you, and hoping that some day you decide to go back to live their culture and traditions again.


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