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Dare #14 – Completed – It’s A Dog Eat Dog World



#14 – From Erica:

You knew someone would dare you to eat dog while you were in Vietnam, didn't you?

Reward $20

Status: Completed

The chef/owner proudly displays his restaurant's dog meat

At some point in Thailand, I resolved to skip traveling through Vietnam to hasten my departure from the Asian continent. As a result, I targeted Cambodia as my best shot at eating dog to complete Erica's dare (clearly she is a cat person!). After wetting my palette with bugs, Phi-lay dropped me off at the hotel so I could shower the day's accumulation of red dirt off my body.

The mint leaves and crisp banana were the easy part

He picked me up again at 4pm and took me to a local restaurant where the chef/owner has served dog for the last 10 years. I imagine the last time a Westerner ate there was NEVER! Yet there were several tables of Cambodians and it wasn't even the dinner rush. I required a beer for this one, and Phi-lay joined me on that note. As we awaited our food, I took a photo of the chef, and upon showing him, he proudly ran around the place showing people the photo of him holding a giant pot of dog parts. Who are we to judge whether this delicacy is right or wrong?

The less appealing dog stew and kidneys

I asked to try both of the available dog dishes – grilled and a greasier, bone-inclusive stew (complete with kidneys). Phi-lay assured me the food was safe as doctors visit the farms where the dogs are raised. Mint leaves and sliced young banana were accompaniments, along with a tasty curry dipping sauce. After a few bites of the grilled dog meat, which seemed to be in the shape of sausage, and the yuckier stew, I tried to be polite and focused on gobbling up the crunchy and delicious young banana slices which went well with the now dog-flavored dipping sauce.

Bon appetite

Phi-lay admitted to not being keen on dog either (he needed a beer with he meal too), though I was glad he joined me. Thankfully, his wife was beginning to prepare a proper dinner back at home, and I was invited!

PS – I love dogs. Especially Bernese Mountain Dogs. I even scratch the scruffy beach dogs. Just not the possibly rabid ones that look like the living dead.

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Nomadic Chick

Thursday 12th of January 2012

Oh dear, I had this debate recently about my desire to run with the bulls. A well meaning Spanish traveler tried to drill into me the way they treat the bulls and I wholeheartedly agreed that it does sound horrid. Running with the bulls has been around since the 16th century though (it's not going away), and in terms of boundaries, mine in this case is about gender boundaries, so that may not be the best reason to do it, but it's my reason nonetheless..

So, Anita, comparing apples and oranges isn't going to illustrate your point. I have no idea if you are a vegetarian, you haven't stated it here, but I am.. and I love animals, but as visitors to another country we have no right or authority to criticize how a culture eats animals.

I learned that the hard way in India. Not suitable for dinner reading, but I saw dead puppies on piles of garbage. That made me angry, very angry, but I had to swallow it and move on, because I was exposed to more and more.

In certain countries, whether it's culture or economics, animals are either viewed as pets or food, simple as that. In poorer areas of the Philippines, rats are eaten. They can't go to Carl Jr's and buy a faceless steak sandwich like you can. And I highly suggest you read Fast Food Nation and educate yourself, because some of the North American farming practices to get beef on your table are pretty damn horrifying.

Also, consider the other alternative for these animals.. Many, many countries don't give a crap about spaying or neutering animals, so again, I've seen dogs that should have been euthanized long ago. I'd rather see a dog eaten, then dying and suffering on the street (I seen it and it made me cry).

Other than that, props to Dave for doing it. People urged me to try balut in the Philippines, good thing I pulled out my vegetarian card. :)

Peter Tudders

Thursday 12th of January 2012

No need to travel out of Thailand to eat dog, in Nakhon Phanom and elsewhere in the North East dog is still a delicacy and is widely consumed.

D :)

Sunday 22nd of July 2012

No need to travel to Cambodia is right! There's this dirty chinese shack in Sherman Oaks, CA...pretty sure they serve dog.

Matthew Karsten

Thursday 12th of January 2012

Sounds like you're pretty closed minded about cultures different than your own Anita. Sex crimes and cannibalism is hardly anywhere close to eating animals. That's what a dog is. An animal. Maybe you're confused?

I love animals, but I also love eating them. So do billions of other people around the world, and they've been doing it ever since someone invented the spear.

Judging others based on your own personal opinions is both sad and arrogant. What exactly qualifies you to say that you are right and they are wrong? Why do you get to choose which animals the people of the world decide to eat? Do you want to choose how everyone should dress too? What about choosing the proper religion for everyone?

You're certainly free to have an opinion, but slamming other people when they don't hold the same opinion? I'd think you'd know how arrogant that is by now, being such an experienced world-traveler...

Jennifer Avventura

Thursday 12th of January 2012

When in Rome my friend, when in Rome. Too each their own, different strokes for different folks. I commend you on trying something new, and way out in left field. Better than sitting on the bandwagon of fear! Kudos.

Bret @ Green Global Travel

Thursday 12th of January 2012

Wow, Anita! I'm a passionate dog owner myself, but comparing sampling an exotic dish that's very popular in certain parts of the world to raping young boys is crossing the line of rationality and reason a bit, don't ya think? I love dogs, and can't imagine ever eating one personally, but who are you to dictate what other cultures should eat? To some people, the idea of eating a pig or a (sacred) cow is disgusting. Personally, I'm more disgusted by the people in America who treat dogs and cats and other beloved pets like disposable garbage when they're no longer wanted. We just gas them and burn them: At least the Cambodians aren't letting them go to waste!

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