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David Beckham Debuts Vs. DC United

David Beckham Debuts in MLS vs. DC United

I know I'm supposed to be in hardcore savings mode with about 3 months until departure, however, I got caught up in the media hype surrounding David Beckham's arrival in the United States last month.

When regular (vs. season/group) tickets finally went on sale, all were sold out except the corner upper deck seats (and even those were more expensive than normal).

I decided to catch the game on TV until I received an e-mail from the Barra Brava fan club I joined earlier in the year.

They still had single tickets for sale in their dedicated section (center, closest to the field).

The game turned out to be one of the best I've seen or attended in my past four years of following DC United (and soccer in general)!

I'll try to describe the scene from within Section 135 of a sold-out stadium of 46,000 fans:

  • Barra section stood on seats (as always)
  • Constant songs and chants (foul language aplenty)
  • Drums pound non-stop
  • Flags waved – big and small
  • Despite sundown, oppressive heat and humidity have us sweating like pigs
  • DC's Brazilian, Emilio, scored the one and only goal – beer flies everywhere
  • Green smoke bombs cloud the air
  • Flashbulbs flicker as Beckham began warm-ups around the 35th minute
  • Torrential rain begins before halftime
  • LA Galaxy player gets a red card (ejected) in the 66th minute (dangerous tackle)
  • Beckham takes the field (after taking off shirt for the ladies) in the 70th minute
  • Beckham bends his first MLS free-kick (LA misses equalizing opportunity)

Hot dog – $3 / Midfield-row 7 seat – $35 / Watching a soccer great debut in a new country's league – Priceless!

Barra Brava Section 135 at RFK Stadium

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Tuesday 14th of August 2007

at least you got to expereience the beck fever ;) (are you breaking out in spots??:))


Monday 13th of August 2007

mm premiere league started on the weekend! whooooooooooo!!! west hame lost :( booooo... but for $10 extra a month I can watch Fox Soccer Channel :) YAY! but the games are on at like 2am, 7am etc :( BOOOOOOOOOO

will be interesting to see how long the sold out beckham games last for until crowd dwindles...


Monday 13th of August 2007

Good point about the dwindling - I certainly would be surprised if they could sell out RFK at 46,000 for another regular season game next year just because of Beckham.

That's why I was glad I ended up going last week!

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