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Friday Flashback – Flying Past Mt. Everest

Mt. Everest - worlds highest mountain

Mt. Everest – the world's highest mountain

Technically, I did make it to Tibet when my Air China flight touched down at the Lhasa airport for one hour en route to Kathmandu. 

The first part of the flight from Chengdu, over the snow-capped mountains of the Tibetan Plateau was spectacular, but the real treat was a flyby of the tallest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest.

And for a dinky 6-megapixel point and shoot camera at 30,000 feet through a jetliner's thick plastic windows, I managed to get some great photos.

Come Fly With Me (Over the Himalaya) reflects what has to be one of the most scenic flights on this planet.

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Christian Haugen

Monday 13th of July 2009

Impressive pictures! Have so far never managed to get any good pictures through the window of an airplane, but then again I have never flown so close to the Everest!


Saturday 11th of July 2009

Yes, it is happening this weekend - my last weekend in Medellin! Last night, I didn't go, but tonight (Saturday) I think I will check out a live group performance outdoors if it doesn't rain, and then go to the night's fiesta. Something new to do versus the usual bars. :)


Friday 10th of July 2009


Can you go before you come home??? It's an Albert Torres event, you'll totally expand your salsa network before coming home..don't miss Junior and Emily!

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