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Gap Year Support: Resume To Interviews

Resume to Interviews

I first learned about Resume to Interviews earlier this year in Medellin, when I ran into the owner, the man behind the scenes.

We kept in touch after going our separate ways, and when I finally began looking for a job back in the States, he offered to put his services to the test in exchange for a review.

I welcomed the help, as I'd taken the easy way out and left on my trip around the world without taking the time to add my accomplishments from the prior 5 1/2 years.

The first thing I did after receiving the offer was to check out the website.  I was immediately drawn to the Testimonials page.

It was filled with a long list of quotes from satisfied customers, such as:

” Just got a job offer yesterday for a company that I sent my resume to 6 days ago. Many thanks for the excellent resume! If nothing else, the design is well worth the money. Having an easily readable and flowing resume is incredibly advantageous.”?

The site layout is clear and uncluttered.  Pages include a FAQ, Terms of Service, basic tips for writing resumes and cover letters, and interview advice.

Satisfied with the customer feedback, I accepted the owner's offer and forwarded him the resume with which I'd been struggling.

I asked for two different versions – one that emphasized my recent travel writing/blogging experience, and one that emphasized my professional management and customer service experience.

I knew I had been on the right track with the content to include. However, the design and organization were “schizophrenic” according to my Dad.

Frankly, I'm incredibly self-assured about what I can offer the right company.  I am confident I can come up with great ways to leverage my recent travel experience in an interview. And I have former bosses who would be happy to help with great recommendations.

However, none of that matters if I can't present myself clearly and professionally via resume.

Four days later, I received the revamped resume that would serve as the basis for specialized versions. Downloading the new resume and opening it up was a real “Wow” moment for me.

It was immediately obvious that the new layout resolved the problem I'd been having with organizing content, and I also thought the new font (Garamond) was an improvement.

I edited the regular version and returned it, and the specialized copies I sought were created, which I then edited at least once more. The owner responded within a day or two on each occasion and provided final versions in two standard formats, Microsoft Word, and PDF.

Resume to Interviews specializes in Gap Year scenarios and the Testimonials page reflects the success his customers have experienced in landing jobs.

The cost for a new customer to have a standard resume created within five days is $65.

Faster delivery is available for an extra $10, and going a step further is same-day service for an extra $20. Additional services include phone consultations and cover letter assistance and critiques.

While I have yet to land the perfect job, I am happy to endorse the services of Resume to Interviews for helping me present my experience in the best light possible.

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