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Backpacking In Europe


The stage was set for the adventure of my life when several of my college roommates decided to go backpacking in Europe after graduation. 

I was the last person to join the (original) five-person group of hostelling, budget travelers.

At first, I was a little wary of joining up with so many people. 

However, as more of my friends decided to go, I felt foolish letting this opportunity slip away from me.

After all, people have been traveling to new places since the dawn of time, and now it was my turn.

Backpacking in Europe was a little courageous for me, but I ended up having a great time, despite missing my flight home.

So I agreed to join them back in February of 1998. 

The backpacking trip was originally going to be six weeks, but an extra week was added when we changed our flight dates.

Also, one of the backpackers dropped out due to medical reasons. 

The current entries are directly from my travel journal, written on the same days as I have noted.

Quick Bios

Week 1:
5 Days in Amsterdam is 1 Too Many

Week 2:
Prague is the Bomb!
The Rejuvenating Power of Venice
Venice, Renaissance Art, and the Police
5 Idiots Head Toward Italy's Premiere Vacation Spot, Lake Como

Week 3:
The Decision To Split Up
My First Day Alone
Rome Is Too Big To Have Been Built In 1 Day
The Vatican, And The Angel Sleeping Next To Me

Week 4:
A Return To Venice
Luck Of The Irish – Meeting Bill In Nice
Returning To A Quieter Paris

Week 5:
The Louvre, Chartres, And A Royale With Cheese
A Hovercraft, The Cliffs Of Dover, And “Rent”
London: Theater, Pubs, And Clubs

Week 6:
The Long Journey To Dublin, Ireland
In Dublin's Fair City
The Beautiful City Of Kilkenny
Cork, Killarney, And The Blarney Stone

Week 7:
The Ring Of Kerry And The Rose Of Tralee
The Cliffs Of Moher And The Aran Islands
Canterbury, And Returning To Paris
My Last Night In Europe

Week 8:
Missing My Flight Home
Thoughts Over The Atlantic


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