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Quick Bios

Dave (author, left) – This is my journal. Everyone on the trip kept a journal in some form or another, but I bet mine is the only one on the Internet (so you'll have to trust me)!

Eric (2nd from right)- This guy was my roomate in college and he plays lots of video games. He also likes to write. He majored in English, and received much better grades than me.

Sam (2nd from left) – Sam was one of the OG's (original guys) to set up this trip. His mom helped get us low cost charter tickets and also bought our Eurorail passes. Sam was also one of my college roomates. He majored in Studio Art (Video). He likes Pearl Jam! Since the trip, he has moved to San Francisco.

Dave (right) – Hippie! But, he also likes punk, and other rockin' forms of music. In fact he bought Rancid's new album while we were in Italy. Dave was another of my college roomates. Along with Sam, Dave painted houses after graduation to help pay for the trip. He moved out to San Francisco with Sam.

Bill (you'll see him later) – Bill was a High School friend of Sam's. None of us had met him before the trip. He ended up being a cool dude. In fact, he was a babe magnet. He picked up girls everywhere he went: Greece, CzechRepublic, Belgium, and England. He even met a girl named Amber Angel (now that is an amazing name)! He's an Irishman who graduated from Villanova.

Last Updated on December 3, 2018 by Dave Lee