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My 31st Birthday Dinner At Delhi Club

 Tandoori Sizzler Lamb, Salmon, Chicken, and Shrimp

September 25th marks my 31st birthday, so to celebrate, a few friends took me out to dinner at Delhi Club, a local Indian restaurant I'd been wanting to try out for a few years.

The dinner was worth the wait. The top photo was my friend Jason's sizzling dish of tandoori lamb, chicken, shrimp, and salmon.

I think it looks even tastier in the photo (the restaurant was dimly lit)!

malabar curry with chicken and basmati rice

As for myself, I love curry chicken, and there were plenty of options to choose from on the menu.

I went with malabar curry, which was coconut-based with crushed red pepper and curry leaves. It was rich and delicious, with just the right spicy kick!

Lastly, as seen below, we ordered up a variety of naan (bread).

3 kinds of naan/bread

To wash it all down, I had a couple of authentic, Indian Kingfish beers. Apparently they're the “Budweiser” of India.

Sometimes beer is just beer, and I can't really tell the subtle difference between them, regardless of their country of origin. T

he only beers that disagree with me are the ones with super high (like 10+ percent) alcohol contents.

After dinner, I went to my friend Mark's place and promptly lost $20 in a poker game. I'm not much of a gambler – I always expect to lose, though I did win one hand with a full house.

Special thanks to my friend Phil, who gave me a birthday gift in the form of a donation for my backpacking trip.

Planning a trip? Go Backpacking recommends:


Saturday 29th of September 2007

Happy belated b-day Dave! The food looks amazing esp the top dish and the naan.


Friday 28th of September 2007

Happy birthday! curry chicken rocks. I made chicken tikka masala in the crockpot yesterday mmm mmm mmmmmm!

fresh made naan bread ROCKS! oh man. I miss good 'english' indian!! :)


Friday 28th of September 2007

I've heard many good things about "english" indian food, though have yet to try it despite two visits to England in my younger years. I'm quite interested to experience the real thing next year!

NZ Recipes

Thursday 27th of September 2007

Belated happy Birthday!

Wow! I think those food were pretty good taste. I'm a food lover and I like to eat food that is something different. Some great Indian food are having pretty good taste and I would like to create somethings different from it.


Tuesday 25th of September 2007

Thanks everyone! I had a very nice birthday dinner tonight as well (I'll write more about that later in the week). :smile:


Tuesday 25th of September 2007

Indian is one of my favorite types of food. Next time you're wanting to try something new, order the veggie Kofta. My favorite is in Masala sauce, but sometimes it's only offered in Malai sauce. VERY DELICIOUS. Especially when ordered with plain naan. YUM.

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