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Affiliate Spotlight – Order Free Travel Brochures

InfoHub Specialty Travel Guide is a distributor of thousands of free travel brochures. In early 2007, after only a few minutes searching their directory of travel packages, I realized I needed to become an affiliate simply to ensure I kept such a great resource close at hand (really!).

My primary interest was finding a tour company for a trek in Nepal. A few clicks took me to countless packages by a variety of tour guides. It was a bit overwhelming to have so many options, however the layout of the directory is easy to follow. After you drill down into locations or categories of travel, information is presented in rows, including the name of the tour, highlights, duration, price, season, and destination. From the summary results, you can dig deeper into the details and itineraries of trips, as well as order free brochures.

As an affiliate, I earn $2 for each brochure mailed out, which in sales terms is treated as a “lead,” however recipients are under absolutely no obligation to buy travel packages through the tour operators sending them the information. I would kindly like to request readers of this blog consider ordering a brochure through my affiliate link, as it will help to support my future travels.

I encourage you to try searching for an activity or country and see if you don't find yourself interested in getting more information, or even signing up to be an affiliate as well! At this time, they do not appear to have an affiliate referral program.

Extras: For visitors, the main site includes plenty of travel-related articles and a well-visited forum. Affiliates have access to a wide range of text and banner advertisements, as well as reports to track lead and sales generation.

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Thursday 26th of November 2009

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