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5 Outdoor Activities To Do in Dubai

Think about Dubai, and usually, scenes of giant skyscrapers, the hotel shaped like a sailboat, and Lamborghinis, fill your thoughts.

But there are many other activities to do in this modern and newly built city.

If you enjoy the outdoors, stretching your legs, and getting away from the concrete and glass, here are a few excellent choices.

Al Mamzar Beach Park, Dubai
Al Mamzar Beach Park (Photo: travelourplanet)

1. Hang Out on the Beach

Few people think about the beach when they dream of visiting Dubai. However, the city is right next to the beach along the Arabian Gulf.

A popular local beach is Jumeirah Beach Park. After paying a small entrance fee, you can spend the day relaxing by the calm waters.

There are green grassy areas, places to barbecue, and plenty of playgrounds and things for kids to enjoy.

Al-Mamzar Beach Park is another excellent beach option in Dubai.

There are also numerous hotels in Dubai situated along the beach that make the perfect place to hang out, relax, and take a dip whenever you please. Rent a car in Duba, and you can spend a day beach-hopping.

Ski Dubai
Ski Dubai (Photo: neekohfi)

2. Ski Dubai

Ok, so Ski Dubai is indoors, but it is an exercise activity in Dubai that feels like you're outdoors!

Located in the Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai is a massive indoor snow park where everyone, from beginners to experts, shares the slopes skiing and snowboarding.

Walk in wearing shorts and flip-flops, and you can rent everything you need for a day of playing in the snow and coasting down the hill.

3. Slide at the Water Park

There are few better ways to enjoy Dubai's scorching sunshine than by riding thrilling slides while soaking in cold water.

The two main water parks are Aquaventure and Wild Wadi. Both parks offer a range of slides and water activities catering to children and adults.

Premier Motors Abu Dhabi | Corporate Masters Golf Series 2012
Golfing in Dubai (Photo: jaguarcarsmena)

4. Go Golfing

Amid the dunes and the desert dryness are numerous golf courses. Playing golf is a significant draw to Dubai, and there are even courses designed by famous golfers like Ernie Els and Tiger Woods.

For an exclusive golf-focused trip to Dubai, you might even want to research places like Thinkhotels to find hotels located directly on a golf course.

Despite the desert surroundings, many golf courses in Dubai are lush and green, filled with fountains and trees, and offer stunning scenery.

Desert safari in Dubai
Desert safari in Dubai (Photo by eGuide Travel)

5. Take a Desert Safari

Dubai is in the desert, and the dunes are never far away. A hobby for many locals in Dubai is taking their souped-up four-wheel drive Toyotas out into the dunes for an exciting roller coaster ride through the sand.

The leisure sport is also a very popular activity for many tourists who sign up for a desert safari.

You get assigned a driver and ride in the truck, rolling up and down through the dunes, kicking up sand at breakneck speeds.

Desert safari trips often include dune drives, a Middle Eastern dinner, and an overnight stay at a desert camp.

While Dubai is famous for buildings that touch the sky, luxurious 7-star hotels, and shopping that never ends, there are many other options to consider when planning your trip to the city.

Doing outdoor activities while soaking up the sunshine is a great way to spend time in Dubai.

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Hammad Tariq

Friday 14th of March 2014

Great post! Wild wadi is my favorite. Please allow a day if you are going to Wild wadi and it's best to go in the morning and spend all day there. On desert safari, be sure to ask what's included in your package, a BBQ doesn't always mean a buffet of BBQ, it's usually just a piece of chicken in low cost packages.

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