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Remembering Rome by Moonlight

Pantheon in Rome, Italy

I continued to read “On the Road” while everyone returned to the room. Above me was a beautiful brunette from NYC. To my right was a beautiful blonde from New Zealand, and there was a girl from Australia. The other four beds were filled by two couples. I slept by the window, periodically turning to see the crescent moon over Rome. — Journal excerpt, July 31, 1998 (my first day in Rome, Italy)

I remember that evening almost 9 years ago like it was yesterday. It's funny how such moments can later feel etched in your mind, while seemingly inconsequential at the time. I definitely remember making a mental note of the fact that I could lie on my lower bunk, surrounded by several young, attractive fellow travelers in a pension in the Italian capital, and simply turn my head to the left to see a bright white moon watching over the city.

I'm reminded of my first night in Rome every time I take notice of the moon. Full moons, half moons, crescent moons – they all take me back to that moment in time when I felt as though I was the luckiest guy ever. Backpacking around Europe on my own, a newly minted college graduate, beaming with confidence and newfound independence!

Every now and then I even spy the moon from my current apartment, while lying in bed, with the shades slightly open (I like a few shadows cast on the walls as I doze off). It's calling out to me to see it from all angles and latitudes…and I'm going to answer that call in December.

Sunsets are a dime a dozen. Who out there has a memorable moon moment?

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Thursday 22nd of March 2007

Ah moments, one of the most important part of TravelLife.


Thursday 22nd of March 2007

Thanks Mike - looks like we're on the same path. I like the design of your blog, and look forward to following your progress.


Thursday 22nd of March 2007

It's calling out to me to see it from all angles and latitudesand I'm going to answer that call in December.

Love it, Dave! Absolutely beautiful! I'm answering that call next May.

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