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The Long Journey To Dublin, Ireland

Sunday, August 16, 1998

This morning I faced a day without theater. I dropped my bags at the bus station, and went up to Piccadilly. Once there, I went to the Pepsi Trocadero. Though I had stopped in a few nights ago, it was less crowded now. I went to see “Everest” in the IMAX Theater for $10. It wasn't worth it. There were some cool scenes, one or two moments of rumble and bass, but overall, it was a disappointment. I also played “Top Skater” and the “Lost World” in the arcade (for a $1.50 per game). The whole complex is a giant marketing tool for Pepsi, with about fifteen vending machines and the Spice Girls Next Generation X commercial song playing every five minutes. It is another cool and beautiful day in London. It should be even cooler in Ireland. I don't really think there are any touristy things I want to do for the rest of the trip. For that reason, I'm content with just drinking. I figured out that I went $150 over budget for my six days in England. However, that does include $80 in round trip train/bus/ferry tickets.

Whoops! It seems I made an expensive mistake by not doing my travel homework. It seems Eurorail pass holders get to use a day for the ferry ride to Ireland, plus use of the trains (in Ireland). Oh well, live and learn (I say this while drinking dome really good beer). I've had so many different types of beer and cider that I can't even bother to keep track. There have been the good and bad of each type of drink. I think it is cool that the cops don't carry guns. GUNS SUCK! It is definitely part of America's downfall/ignorance. I can't imagine how much safer life would be if they were not as common. So much less death?!

I've really been enjoying watching the people and life of London (especially from a pub window). I also think that it is funny that I'm leaving London without any pictures (by choice, no less). I'm definitely disappointed that I didn't meet any English girls; they appear to be quite cute. I've got some postcards to mail. It has been awhile but oh well. I've been thinking about myself more than others lately. Puff Daddy, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Kate Winslet are going to Dave, Courtland, and Eric respectively. Oh, I forgot to mention that I saw some skaters outside the Royal National Theater. What seemed so cool was the fact that nobody had kicked them off the property. I'm really pretty tired right now, and I think I'll be able to get some good sleep on the trip to Dublin. Before I leave London, I'm going to go to an Internet cafe. I'd like to check my email, but more especially, I'd like to find out more about the festival in Belgium. Have I mentioned how much I like London yet? Like I expected, England (the Clash, Beatles, Sex Pistols) is pretty cool! And the weird thing is I have yet to receive a warm, non-carbonated beer. Maybe I'm just in the touristy area or just not ordering authentic English beer. Another nice thing about London (and Europe in general) is not getting carded for a drink. Actually, it is really pleasant. I'm starting to miss skateboarding and driving (my car).

After hitting the Internet, I decided that the concert wasn't worth the trouble since it wasn't in a major city. Instead, I'll spend the extra time in Ireland! I was kind of disappointed to find that nobody had emailed me. As I rode out of London on the bus, I realized how big the city was, and how little I had seen. I did decide that Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus were the rocking part of town. This bus has turbo charged, overhead air vents. Really, when I thought of “ferry,” I pictured basic seating on an old iron boat (or at least something like the vaporettos). Right now, I'm aboard a luxury Irish Ferry sipping a pint of Kilkenny on the Sky view deck, looking forward to watching the sun rise over the Irish Sea in a few hours. I also can't believe Dave (or Sam) would choose to leave such awesome opportunities behind? It is slightly chilly though. I feel like I'm on the Titanic. This is the biggest and nicest boat I've ever been on (which is hard for me to believe). I'm definitely going to take a luxury cruise somewhere, someday. I wish I could meet a cute Irish girl on this journey.

Ok, I'm seasick. I thought you wouldn't be able to feel the boat moving, but you can! When I walk, I sway. Needless to say, I won't be drinking any more beer. I'm already regretting the one I had bought earlier, while we were at dock. Let me say, when I first got up, I could barely tell whether it was my drunkenness or the boat swaying. I guess I should be happy it isn't worse? Well, I'm trying to calm down by eating and drinking some water. Unlike 50-75% of the people on board, I doubt I can sleep. I just saw some woman barf into the garbage after paying for her meal. After trying to down some food in the restaurant, I took a nap for about an hour on the bench at my table. When I woke up, the sun had risen, and people were clamoring around, eating breakfast. The swaying had practically stopped, and I realized how much bumpier it had been before.


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