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Kenya Nightlife: Bars, Clubs, Dating Tips

Bar in Nairobi

Bar in Nairobi

Kenyan nightlife is infamous for its anything-goes attitude. Things, however, are tightening up, and in Nairobi, rules are becoming more common and more enforced.

That being said, if you are looking to party in Kenya, Nairobi and the areas around Mombasa have you covered!

Kenyan Nightlife – How to Party in Kenya

Beer and other forms of alcohol in Kenya are widespread and easily available.

Recently there has been an effort to crack down on people getting drunk and lazy during the day, so the selling of alcohol has been restricted.

But you can never be certain if these regulations will be enforced, or if it is just another means of corruption.

When to Go Out

Typically nightclubs are open late, often till the sun shines the next day.

It's common to take your time, eat dinner and possibly visit a cheap bar to hangout before checking into the main destination of the night.

Small neighborhood bars, guest houses, or just the side of the road are good places to get started before moving on.

What to Wear

Attire for going out is really up to where you go, and where you are in the country.

Nairobi has its share of upscale nightclubs and bars that require closed-toed shoes and long pants, with most people choosing to wear button down shirts.

Upper-class Kenyans and Indians like to dress smart and make sure they look good going out.

Normal every day bars, and side-of-the-road drinking holes are very casual and laid back.

The temperatures in Nairobi are cool at night, so you'll probably want to wear jeans and tennis shoes wherever you go.

On the coast around Mombasa, it’s more polite to wear long pants, but shorts and flip flops are usually acceptable.

The author (right) Hanging Out at a Local Bar / Restaurant in Nairobi

The author (right) Hanging Out at a Local Bar / Restaurant in Nairobi

Social Dynamics

Going out in Kenya is usually a time to hang out with friends and meet others. There’s a range of people that go out and sometimes the scene can seem a bit divided.

Groups of local Kenyans, Indians, white Kenyans (colonial British), and the international expat community all tend to have their own hangouts.

The good news is that despite the groups, everyone can happily party and mingle together in Kenya.

Due to the lack of identification required to enter clubs and bars in Nairobi, there are a lot of younger youth that show up to party.


As in all of Africa, Kenyans are naturally gifted with the ability to dance, and clubs throughout the country are filled with dance floors.

Modern trendy clubs play a mixture of dance/house music, international hip hop, and top hits pop music. Other clubs are dedicated to popular local East African hip hop tunes.

Going to really local bars in random areas of Nairobi, you’ll hear a combination of Kenyan guitar music and the widely popular Lingala music from Congo.

Dating Tips

Kenyan Women

Plenty of Kenyan women are willing to date and go out with foreigners, but just like in any country you visit, you must analyze each and every dating situation carefully.

There are plenty of prostitutes and women that are looking for ways out of Kenya, as well as money. As you might guess, these women often hang out at bars.

Yes, there are also plenty of lovely Kenyan women that are genuine, beautiful, and kind.

Nairobi has a lot of dating options and many opportunities to meet women in various places.

Kenyan Men

As with women, there is a mixed range of Kenyan men. Many of the younger youth are into hip hop lifestyles and music.

Other men are very clean cut and willing to date foreign women.

Just like dating around the world, be sure to fully check out individual situations and proceed cautiously.

Sex in Kenya

If you want to have sex in Kenya, it probably won’t be too difficult to find an opportunity.

Many of the circumstances might be directly involved within the nightlife sector of Kenya. Be sure to use your own self discretion when making choices.

Many of the more traditional Kenyan women, not affiliated with nightlife, live with their families or friends and are normally quite conservative.

The morning after pill is available at many pharmacies in Kenya and abortion is illegal.

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