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Visit Vis: One of the Most Beautiful Islands in the Adriatic

Vis is one of the most popular destinations in the Croatian archipelago because of its unique natural beauty, great beaches, and wide offer of summer activities.

Out of all inhabited Croatian islands, this one is the farthest from the shore, so you'll get an authentic island experience.

Sailboats in Vis, Croatia (photo: Jared Lisack)
Sailboats in Vis (photo: Jared Lisack)

Because of its location, it's had a rich history, traces of which remain in the form of historical and cultural monuments.

You can't go wrong when visiting Vis in Croatia, but some guidelines from Yacht In will help you make the best of your vacation. This is a true example of a Mediterranean island with a tradition of winemaking, fishing, and great food.

What Makes Vis Special

This question has many answers, but let's focus on the two most important.

Unique Beaches

Vis is home to the fabulous Stiniva Beach. It's hidden in Stiniva Bay and surrounded by two cliffs that form a narrow entrance by the sea.

This is one of the most unique beaches you'll ever visit. The beach itself is pebbled and great for any activity. However, getting to Stiniva requires a hike down a narrow path, so come prepared.

If you'd like easier access, renting a boat is a great idea. In general, it's a good idea to rent a yacht when visiting Croatian islands and even try island hopping.

There are many more beautiful beaches in Vis – Stiniva is simply the most peculiar. The sea around Vis is crystal-clear, and you'll sail smoothly because it's far from the coast.

Secluded beach on Vis island in Croatia (photo: Slobodan Špijunovi?)
Beach on Vis (photo: Slobodan Špijunovi?)

Blue Cave Phenomenon

Stiniva isn't the only peculiarity near the island of Vis. Biševo is a small island near Vis, home to the Blue Cave, a natural phenomenon that enchants many tourists each year.

Because of its structure, the light that comes into the cave makes it glow blue, so it seems like the sea is shining. You can only enter by a small boat and organized tours.

Magical Neighbouring Islands

Biševo isn't the only island near Vis; many more will leave you enchanted by their natural beauty.

Some are of volcanic origin, such as Brusnik or Jabuka, while Palagruža is unique because of its endemic flora and fauna.

Take a one-day trip by boat to any of these incredible islands and explore their untouched nature.

Things To Do on the Island of Vis

There is more to Vis than sunbathing on fabulous beaches.

Discover the Winemaking and Gastronomic Tradition

Vis has a long history of winemaking or viticulture, and it's home to some authentic Croatian wines such as the Plavac Mali.

There are wine-tasting tours and numerous taverns (“konoba”) all over Vis, especially in the town of Komiža, where you can taste Croatian wines. Pair them with fishmeal or octopus cooked in “peka” for the best experience.

Town of Komiža (photo: Håkon Grimstad)
Town of Komiža (photo: Håkon Grimstad)

Aside from these meals, Vis is famous for its gastronomy, so make sure to try out some local restaurants and get a taste of “viška poga?a” or “komiška poga?a.”

Most indigenous dishes originate from ancient times, so you'll get to time travel through history.

Explore the Town of Komiža

Komiža is a must if you're visiting Vis. It's a fishing town lying in the foothill of the Hum mountain (perfect for hikers).

Discover its history through many monuments or enjoy the nightlife; the options are endless on this beautiful island in the Adriatic Sea.

Discover the Military History

While Vis is a popular Croatian destination because of its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear sea, it has many other peculiarities that make it worth visiting.

There is a system of military caves, tunnels, and bunkers all over the island. Tito's Cave stands out among them, and you can get to it by a short hike to Mount Hum.

Concerning military bunkers, you can opt for a guided tour or self-exploring; just be careful not to get lost in the tunnel maze.

Visit the Town of Vis

Komiža isn't the only town worth visiting on Vis. The small town of Vis is one of the oldest inhabited places in the Adriatic. People have recognized its beauty since prehistoric times.

Today, it's a charming town with stone houses, ancient Greek monuments, and palaces. It's worth visiting the Archaeological Museum, which houses exhibits from 400 BC.

In this museum, you'll learn more about the history of Vis, its winemaking, and fishing traditions. You're bound to fall in love with Vis just by walking through it.

However, Vis isn't only full of sights; just like Komiža, it's got some great food. In it, you can find the cult classic pizzeria Karijola.

Although it started in Vis, Karijola has become the most popular pizzeria in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, and it never ceases to amaze with its fresh ingredients and great dough.

The main benefit of Karijola on Vis is that you can enjoy the sea view while eating.

As you can see, there are many things to see and do in Vis, and you can't go wrong no matter what!


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