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5 Things to Know Before Visiting Cornwall

Bedruthen Steps in Cornwall

Bedruthen Steps in Cornwall (photo: Ed Webster)

Cornwall has been a popular holiday destination for people across the UK for generations. From families looking for a seaside holiday with the kids, to couples after a romantic retreat, Cornwall has plenty to offer for every type of trip.

The fantastic beaches on both the north and south coasts, picturesque towns and villages, and stunning inland scenery have made Cornwall a firm favorite when it comes to summer holiday destinations.

While Cornwall has a vast range of things to do and places to see, there are also a few things that most people don’t know. We’ve teamed up with Stay in Cornwall, a leading provider of holiday cottages throughout Cornwall, to bring you some of the top things you should know before visiting Cornwall.

Summer Traffic

Summer, particularly the school holidays, is Cornwall’s busiest time regarding visitor numbers, so it’s not a surprise that traffic is bound to increase.

Like Devon, this county has many small, narrow lanes, not built to deal with the influx of people and cars.

When visiting smaller towns and villages in the county, make sure to leave extra time to accommodate for the potential traffic levels.

Explore Lesser-Known Beaches

One of the main reasons people come to Cornwall are the amazing beaches that line the north and south coasts.

Cornwall benefits from some of the best beaches in the southwest, but during the summer months, they can become tourist traps.

If you don’t mind the extra people, then, of course, these beaches are perfectly fine, but for those looking for a quieter break, there are plenty of beaches throughout the county, lesser-known but just as beautiful.

St Michaels Mount

St Michaels Mount

Visiting St Michael’s Mount? Check the Tide Times!

While you can visit the famous St Michael’s Mount via a boat departing from Marazion, the best and most authentic way is via the causeway.

Only accessible at low tide, the ancient cobbled causeway stretches from Marazion beach to the island and allows you to get the best views of St Michael’s Mount from sea level.

Bring Your Wet Weather Gear

As we know, the UK is not renowned for having long, hot summers, and while the recent weather has been very warm, at some point, there is a strong chance we will have a downpour of rain. If there is anywhere in the country where this is most likely to happen, it’s Cornwall.

Being right on the Atlantic, Cornwall gets the brunt of incoming weather systems, meaning that it can very suddenly change. So, wherever you’re going in Cornwall, at whatever time, make sure you’re prepared for any sudden weather changes.



Pasties are Delicious

If you’ve never tried a pasty before then you are seriously missing out. The pasty is a savory pastry food that originates from Cornwall and is one of the things the county has become famous for.

In the same way that pasta tastes better in Italy, pasties taste better in Cornwall, and whether you’ve tried one before or not, no trip to this county is complete without having a pasty.

Cornwall is a magical destination and well worth a visit. Whether on a family holiday or a romantic trip with your partner, Cornwall has so much to see and do. It is a beautiful county full of wonderful beaches and stunning scenery, all waiting to be explored.


This story was brought to you in partnership with Stay in Cornwall.

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Wednesday 29th of August 2018

Great article! Cornwall looks fabulous, planning to visit soon.

Juan Ovalle

Sunday 19th of August 2018

Very interesting post. Will be in the UK for about a month so I've been looking for info on places to go to other than London. This is perfect


Tuesday 7th of August 2018

Cornwall seems so picturesque and definitely worth exploring. This post was so educative and informative that I believe every traveller should read before going there. Thanks for such an ultimate guide!

Anna Makridi

Monday 16th of July 2018

Amazing post! It is so informative! Thanks for sharing!

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