Friday Flashback: Nile Cruise & Temple Tourism

Edfu Temple
Edfu Temple

Once I arrived in Luxor and joined the organized tour, I was insulated from most of the shenanigans and tourist shams (though one might argue I paid into the biggest of them all — a prepackaged Nile cruise).

I ended up having a great time on the cruise.  My room was very nice, there was plenty of food, I hung out with some friendly Americans and Koreans, and didn’t have to worry about how to get from point A to B.

The temples were often overwhelming in their grandeur and scale, while the passing Nile Valley offered wonderful scenery in between.


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    Gorgeous–I've never seen that temple before. I've always been fascinated with Ancient Egypt and can't wait to make it there to see all the sites, though I've heard the hustlers and merchants are pretty obnoxious.

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