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10 Things That Will Make You Think of Britain

Wembley Panorama-England Vs Italy U21s

1. Football (Photo credit jackspics)

Throughout the history of the world, Great Britain has been one of the world’s most powerful forces.

Today it remains famous for so many things and has influenced so many parts of the planet.

10 Things That Make Me Think of Britain

1. Football (Soccer)

As the birthplace of the world’s most popular sport, you probably already know how seriously football is taken in Britain.

It’s a sport that many British males and even females live and breath for. Some clubs like Manchester United or Rangers have massive followings around the entire world.

2. British Humor and Slang

Yes, I could have mentioned the whole English language, but since that’s quite obvious, I decided to mention the humor and slang Britain is so famous for.

The strong irony, sarcasm, wittiness, and just plain dirty are a few terms associated with British humor.

Trooping the Colour

3. British Royal Family (Photo by nakedcharlton)

3. Royal Family

Sure some royal families still exist in other parts of the world, but the British royal family for its former power and continued respect is one of the most famous monarchies.

Along with the royal family, Britain is known for its castles and important royal historical buildings.

4. Famous People (Celebrities)

For as small of a place as Great Britain is, throughout the years it has produced some amazingly talented and famous people.

From Shakespeare to the Beatles to David Beckham, the famed list goes on and on.

British Pub

5. British Pub (Photo by francapicc)

5. Beer (Specifically in Pubs)

While some beers from Britain are world-famous, it’s the British pubs that have built a name for themselves.

In Britain, going to a pub is a daily activity, a place to make yourself comfortable watching a football game or shooting pool with a pint in hand.

Court 2 Mens Doubles

6. Wimbledon (Photo by daleharvey)

6. Wimbledon (Tennis)

To be honest, there are only two things I know about Wimbledon: it’s located in the United Kingdom and it’s the single most important and prestigious tennis tournament in the world.

I don’t know if anyone would think Wimbledon without thinking tennis – many people visit Britain just to attend the tournament!

Bleak London

7. Gloomy Weather in Britain (Photo by suvodeb)

7. Gloomy Weather

While I know Britain does not always experience cloudy, rainy weather, quite a lot of media builds upon the gloomy British weather to the point where it is one of the most famous things I remember when I think about Britain.


8. Stonehenge (Photo by birdies-perch)

8. Stonehenge

Anciently built a few thousand years ago, Stonehenge is one of the most impressive and mysterious historical sites in the world.

Consisting of giant stone post and lintel architecture, the UNESCO World Heritage site is remarkable for its fascinating history and celestial designed properties.

Fish and Chips

9. Fish and Chips (Photo by velkr0)

9. Fish and Chips

British food is not the most well known or sought after cuisine in the world. But there are several famous British dishes like fish and chips.

Fish and chips are served exactly as it sounds, a huge comforting plate of deep-fried fish and potatoes.

10. Afternoon Tea

Tea is not only one of the most popular beverages in Britain; it is also ingrained as part of the culture.

Afternoon tea is almost synonymous with Britain – a cup of tea accompanied by a few finger food treats like scones or crumpets.


This post was written by Mark and brought to you in partnership with Visit Britain.

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Very True. Some of these (like the royal family) bring my mind into London Mode (which is not a bad thing ;-)

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