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4 Popular Types of Backpacks

InLuggage - Caribee Mallorca 70

Caribee Mallorca 70

[A]s certain as there are destinations for all kinds of travelers are backpacks as their ultimate travel companion.

Backpacks are great for travelers who just want to enjoy the scenery with their hands free while having everything they need on their shoulders.

Here's a roundup of backpacks that are perfect for certain kinds of travelers. Which kind of travel bug are you? Let's start!

1. For the Nature Adventurer

Usual Destinations: Mountains, forests, hiking spots

Being someone who walks a distant miles, the Nature Adventurer needs a backpack that is durable and will provide him back support to withstand carrying a heavy load while trekking and communing with Mother Nature.

Look for a backpack like Caribee Mallorca 70, which can be ordered through online retailers like In Luggage.

It is made of sturdy materials and zippers, has contoured back support and padded hips straps, which makes it perfect for the Nature Adventurer.

InLuggage - Caribee Trail Green2

Caribee Trail Green2

2. For the Culture Wanderer

Usual destinations: Cities, museums, temples, major tourist spots, food centers

The Culture Wanderer can be found walking on the streets, eating local food, shopping in floating markets, conversing with the locals, attending festivals or listening to a local museum tour guide.

The perfect backpack for this kind of traveller is something that is stylish and will allow him to keep his essentials organized through pockets and dividers.

Enough for a short trip, Caribee Trail is perfect for the Culture Wanderer, which will help him roam around the city with ease and style.

InLuggage - High Sierra Impact Back Pack

High Sierra Impact Back Pack

3. The Comfy Traveler

Usual destinations: Beach, hotels

Worry-free and just enjoying the scenery, the Comfy Traveler will most likely need a backpack that can contain all the things necessary for his escape: clothes, medicines, accessories, iPod, medicines, and the list goes on.

A simple backpack like the High Sierra Impact Back Pack is perfect for this kind of traveler who wants to grab a backpack and just unplug.

InLuggage - Caribee Flight Deck 40 Black

Caribee Flight Deck 40 Black

4. Business Traveler

Usual destination: Cities, hotels

Business trips could cut the pleasure of a Business Traveler's journey but it will not keep him from exploring.

This kind of traveller will most likely need a backpack that has a compartment for his laptop and will contain other things that he will need like extra corporate clothes, shoes, socks and maybe a couple of papers and books.

Like the Culture Wanderer, the Business Traveller also needs something that’s stylish and will keep his I-am-here-for-a-business look.

Nice for short business trips, Caribee Flight Deck 40 is the best travel companion for this traveller.

No matter what kind of traveller you are, always keep in mind to pack light and get the most of your travel by exploring and learning.

By having a backpack as your travel companion, you'll get to roam around and enjoy the experience with more mobility while having just everything you need with just a zip.


This post was published in partnership with InLuggage.

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Kirk Gillespie

Monday 20th of June 2016

The M-PAKS original backpack features three products in one: 1. a foldable, lightweight and durable chair that's completely concealed; 2. a travel backpack that's great for road trips and vacations yet compact enough to use around a college campus; and 3. a professional messenger bag that can be taken to the office or around town when you need only the bare essentials. All three items are designed to use together or completely separate in order to meet the demands of many different situations common of today's college students or anyone with an on-the-go lifestyle.

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