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8 Reasons Why the Amalfi Coast is the Ideal Vacation Destination

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

A picturesque location in Italy, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

The Mediterranean landscape, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will leave you mesmerized with its old world charm.

If you are thinking of where to travel in July for an unforgettable vacation, then this is it!

You are bound to fall in love with the splendid natural setting which is adorned with a breathtaking sea view and a series of tiny hamlets, each with an exquisite charm of its own.

Here are some of the reasons that make this coastline in the south of Italy a must-visit place.

Reasons to Visit the Amalfi Coast

1. Soak in the beauty of Sorrento

To the north of the Amalfi Coast lies the gorgeous little town of Sorrento which is famous for its pretty heritage houses and serene coastlines.

A must see in this town is the cathedral which is a magnificent structure built in the 11th century.

Along with this, it has a couple of ports with sailing boats and fishing activities and also some of the most wonderful public parks.

Your trip to the Amalfi Coast is incomplete without a visit to this historic town.



2. A visit to the twin towns of Positano and Praiano

Located in the southern part of the Amalfi Coast, these towns fall one after another and offer some of the most enchanting views of the entire area. 

Enjoy the views of colorful houses and the harbor, where you can see the sea stretch in front of you for miles and miles.

Go for a walk, grab a meal at one of the beachside cafes, or just snack on hand-churned ice cream from one of the street stalls. 

Ravello, Italy

Ravello, Italy

3. Reach the town of Ravello for some fantastic vistas

A town located atop the mountains, Ravello is one of the lesser explored places in the region.

The uncharted element along with a breathtaking view of the coastline from up above makes this a unique spot.

Villa Rufolo is a Roman Villa situated here and makes for an ideal place to spend a relaxing day basking in the sun, surrounded by nature all around.

Castle Maiori

Castle Maiori

4. Spend a fun day on Maiori Beach

This is the perfect place to enjoy a day full of beach activities, and relax and refresh yourself.

Swim in the cool blue waters or just sit on the white sand as you admire the picture-perfect scenery or soak in the warmth of the sun.

You can always take a breather at the many cafes, shops, and stalls lined up alongside the beach.

5. Feel awestruck at Smeraldo Cave

A boat trip will take you to this wonderful natural phenomenon which is popularly known as Emerald Cave.

It lights up naturally in an emerald hue, hence the name. The whole effect is so breathtaking that it leaves you awestruck.

It is located on route SS163. You'll have to take an elevator to go down, and then get into a boat to explore the cave from inside, making for a bit of an adventure. 

6. A visit to the Ferriere Valley

If you are looking to spend a day amidst natural surroundings, exploring the woods, then visit the Ferriere Valley, a protected area which comes under the Salerno region.

This place has some hiking, cycling and walking trails leading up to waterfalls and gorgeous views.

A walk in the lush green forest with the enthralling natural surrounding leading to some never seen before views make this one of the best reasons to choose Amalfi Coast as your next vacation destination.

Capri, Italy

Capri, Italy

7. Island of Capri

On the western fringes of the Amalfi Coast lies the small island of Capri, which is accessible by boat or ferry from the town of Positano.

You can spend your day exploring the unique landscapes along with the mountain views and tranquil beaches.

The island is abuzz after the sun sets with its vibrant nightlife, so make sure you stay here and enjoy the night dancing away in one of those bustling bars located in the center.

8. Enjoy a train ride from Naples to Sorrento

The Amalfi Coast area has an exclusive train line which is called La Circumvesuviana Line that connects the two famous towns – Naples and Sorrento.

This train route is the perfect way to appreciate the remarkable beauty of the area.

The train starts from Naples and goes up to Sorrento and is a pretty effective way to travel in the region without burning a hole in your pocket.

Do you need more reasons to head to Amalfi Coast?

So get packing and make your bookings now!


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