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9 Best Places in the UK for a Walking Holiday

Coast of Cornwall, England (photo: InspiredImages, Pixabay)

Coast of Cornwall, England 

Walking holidays are an incredible way to explore the natural bounty in and around the UK. It is the best way to rejuvenate your senses and lift your spirits.

Enhance your mood with the surrounding natural spaces, witness the sunset and moonrise, get surprised with unexpected adventures and do so much more.

Even better, enjoying a walking holiday through the British countryside can also be easy on your wallet, making it the best way to have a budget-friendly trip in the UK.

Here are some of the best places in the UK which are perfect for experiencing an exciting walking holiday.

1. South West Coast

From the very start of the South West Coast path, you can experience fantastic natural views featuring dramatic cliffs which are popularly known as the Seven Sisters.

This path passes through Firle Beacon, which is one of the South Down’s highest points. From here, you can witness 360 degrees of panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.

While walking along this path, look out for kingfishers and heron flying through the river margins and buzzards, which are along the downs.

You would also come across a quiet small village which is named Alfriston.

Lake District in Cumbria (photo: AndyLoynes, Pixabay)

Lake District in Cumbria 

2. Lake District

Ullswater is undoubtedly a hidden gem of the Lake District, which must be checked out when on a walking holiday in the UK.

It exudes immense tranquility and unspoiled charm. The pathways around this lake are the best way to admire the beauty of this lake.

The same path leads to Glencoyne Deer Park, which is an ancient woodland famous for housing numerous species of wildlife.

While strolling through these paths, you can even get an opportunity to witness red squirrels, red deer, peregrine falcons, holly blue butterflies, and ravens.

3. Thames Path

When strolling through Thames Path, you can witness endless serene river views with substantial properties in the backdrop.

You also get the chance of sighting impressive red kites that fly low.

As you move further, you pass the famous Dorney Lake, which was conceived originally by Eton College in the early 60s.

You can even take a break from your walk and experience rowing through the Dorney Lake waters.

This lake has been highly acclaimed since its introduction and has even been the hosting spot for Olympic rowing events.

Keswick Lake District (photo: 3855198, Pixabay)

Keswick Lake District

4. Peak District

This route passes alongside several quaint villages and goes through the Dovedale region, where you can witness a pristine river accommodated with a variety of limestone rock formations.

You also pass through the well-known stepping stones when you venture into this area.

As you go along, you come across the old Tissington trail, which features viaducts and old rail lines.

This trail skirts the Tissington village and hence the name Tissington trail.

Introduced for the visitors in 1971, this limestone pathway stretches for about 13 miles. Quintessential barns and dry-stone walls can be seen throughout this route.

Wye Valley (photo: Krisztina Papp, Pixabay)

Wye Valley

5. Wye Valley

The Wye is a stunning river meandering through a steep and deep gorge offering frequent breathtaking views.

This river accommodates a varied assortment of birds, which can be seen when you stroll through the Wye Valley.

If you are lucky, you would also get to see wild boars and red deer along the way while passing through the forests in the valley.

One part of this walking route goes through the enchanting Oake Dyke, which is a prehistoric earthwork that follows all along the English-Welsh border.

6. Rob Roy

On this route, from start to finish, you would be blessed with eye-pleasing views of the mountains.

Many sections of this route feature lochs, rivers, and waterfalls, but the best view can be seen from an elevated position above Lochearnhead.

Sightings of mining infrastructure and old rail can also be witnessed while on this route.

Flanked by towering hills on either side and stunning views of the Dochart waterfalls, Rob Roy is a route that must not be missed when on a walking trip in the UK.

7. Northumberland Coast

Alnwick Castle is one of the must-visit spots when you plan a walking tour through the Northumberland Coast.

This castle gained popularity after being featured in the Harry Potter movie series as Hogwarts.

You will come across extensive coastlines along this path where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the magnificent beaches.

This area has abundant birdlife and plenty of fishing villages. You can even spot a few seals if you are lucky.

8. Snowdonia

The Rhyd Ddu path in Snowdonia is one of the distinct paths in the UK which must be visited for an intriguing experience.

You can witness the highest mountain in Wales, Snowdon, while strolling through this path.

Take a brief stop at the summit cafe before heading to the Llanberis Path, which is another famous walking path in the region.

For a hearty post-stroll grub, you can make a stop at Pete’s Eat, which is located in the quaint village of Llanberis.

If you are famished after your walk, you can even take a Sherpa bus back to the starting location.

The west part of Snowdonia houses the Nantlle Ridge, which can be explored for a unique experience.

9. Dartmoor

When it comes to exploring any region by walking through the paths, the rugged interior of Devon is hard to beat.

Don’t miss out on strolling through the Ivybridge, which features weathered rocky hilltops, ancient stone formations, and historic hill forts.

For an enriching experience, take along a tent and camp in Devon for a night.

From Devon, you can head towards the Two Moors Way and get a chance to check out the magnificent Erme Plains before moving on to Higher Hartor Tor for witnessing the picturesque birds-eye view of the surroundings.

10. North Highlands

Torridon is the famous region in North Highlands for a unique strolling adventure.

Start your walk here from the Lower Diabaig and head north.

You will truly enjoy the experience of walking through a path surrounded by sea loch on your left and towering peaks on your right.

Continue your walk till you reach Redpoint, where you can witness the mesmerizing orange sand beach and glorious dunes.

Make sure that you complete your walk well in time and return to Craig for a night halt.


Ditch the traditional way of exploring the UK and gear up for a unique experience by strolling through the British lanes.

Remember to explore the places mentioned above in the UK for an incredible vacation with your loved ones.


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